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    Clinic Champs Elysees thanks all those who have accepted our invitations and came for a Open Days MiraDry, Invisalign, CoolSculpting, Cellfina, Universkin We were very pleased to meet you, come again! Thank you all :-) Read more about clinic >>>
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  • Where to begin?

    Cosmetic surgery - it's not fun, it's a real operating unit, anesthesia, a scalpel, and possibly even post-surgical scars. Take seriously the choice of clinics, physician, surgery. If you are not yet ripe for surgery, start with a gentle, non-surgical methods.
  • Oh God! I'm getting old!

    Do not panic! In the category APPEARANCE PROBLEMS you will find information on what to do if a person is aging or neck, or chest, or perhaps sagging muscles of the arms or inner thighs. One problem may have several solutions.
  • Slightly change the shape, something to remove here, add there ...

    You have a beautiful face and lovely eyes, but also the long nose, which spoils ... But what if chiselled figure, flat belly, sport every day, a strict diet, but these terrible breeches on hips ... Or young breasts, drooping after giving birth. With the help of surgery can correct facial imperfections and shapes of body.
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