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About Vitamin C

Витамин С для здоровья

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is one of the essential substances for normal formation of connective and bones tissue.  It increases resistance to colds, promotes normal wound healing, increases resistance to stress.  Surprisingly, vitamin C is not produced by the body It comes only with food, mostly fruit and vegetables.  Once there was a terrible disease, scurvy, caused by the lack of vitamin C.

During thermal processing we lost up to 50% Ascorbic acid contained in products.  A number of substances contained in meat, liver, curds and salt (such substances known as stabilizers) contribute to the preservation of Ascorbic acid.  Sour, dehydrated, frozen foods longer retain Ascorbic acid.

Albert Szent-Györgyi von Nagyrápolt is credited with discovering vitamin C and the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle.

In 1970 an American Linus Carl Pauling published an article “evolution and the need for Ascorbic acid “.  In the article, he suggested the need of high doses of vitamin C for the maintenance of health.  Pauling believed that daily dose should be 100 and more times above normal.  He also said that for himself and his wife, he established the daily norm in 10 grams of Ascorbic acid.

Soon the abuse of vitamin C began to lead to various disorders of the body.  In 1996, Norway issued a law banning the sell capsules containing more than 250 mg of Ascorbic acid.  Norway followed by Germany.  Then in European countries appeared restrictive laws on advertising vitamins as drugs.

In 2005 the European Court took the decision to restrict dosages of vitamin C.   We hope that antioxidants like E300 and so on. , Preventing the oxidation of products, comply with this rule.

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