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About Champs-Elysees

You love to walk around the city. The specificity of all French cities and Paris a striking confirmation of the fact – the existence of a large number of plloschadey, from which the streets radiate, and not necessarily in the form of geometrically regular stars. Turning to the beam is not, you risk to be in a very different place than scheduled.
The largest square in Paris – is the area of ​​Charles de Gaulle. From her 12 streets diverge rays. One of the beams is no doubt familiar to you street called Elysian Fields or Shanzelize.
At the other end of the Champs Elysees is another area – Place de la Concorde, Concord with its rays.
Areas with rays radiating from them, confuse even experienced hikers. We often get the whole area of ​​the entire circle to find the right street.
Confuse some rays? Do not you, dear reader. So you firmly outlined aesthetic clinic visit on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Every journey begins with the card. Studying the map, you will find that this clinic is really close to the street with a strange name Champs Elysees. This is the main street of Paris. Its length is 1915 meters, width – 71 meters. On it are expensive hotels and restaurants, on the street I met General Charles de Gaulle after the victory over the Nazis in August 1944 (he led the resistance movement in France during the Second World War). On this street are all military parades in honor of the national holiday. Go down this street (and knock) come millinoy tourists from around the world (and a lot of crooks, too, hold tight bag).
But why such a strange name of the street: the Champs Elysees? And here is the field?
The answer is that in place of the street to the middle of the VII century. was moorland, where duck hunting kings and nobles.
The majority on the city name experts agree that the street name comes from the Greek, impregnated (strange to say) of ancient Greek mythology. The name of the Champs Elysees is a kind of mystical country with a beautiful field, which lists the human soul, and where there is no pain, experiences of suffering, in short, is in eternal bliss.
Arriving in Paris, dear reader, you too can experience the bliss of the street the Champs Elysees and in the surrounding area, of course, if there are sufficient funds!


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