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Doctor-inventor Alexander Graham Bell

Doctor –  inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Born in the mid-19th century, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Educated Bell was a physician-physiologist, or rather, surdopedagogs, ie I taught the deaf to speak. First Bell family emigrated to Canada, and a year later, in the United States. There’s Bell organized a school for deaf children.
So what? – Tell you, dear reader of our site. The thing is that Bella is constantly kept thinking: “How to help deaf children.”
It is difficult to talk without hearing. Helped genes inventive living in Bella. At first he tried to pass through the wires to music. Then he got the idea to create a device to transmit any sounds by wire. Bell received a patent for this device. You probably already guessed what was going on?
That’s right, it is a phone! One of the greatest inventions in the world. But Bell had also other genes – genes businessman: he founded Bell Telephone and soon phones flooded the US, and then the whole world.
In addition, Bell invented Photobackground – a device to transmit the human voice by means of light rays, the audiometer – a device for measuring the sound level, induction balance (in fact, the first metal) and many other devices.
Bell was not only a physiologist and an engineer: he was the founder of the US National Geographic Society and its first president. He also became interested in aeronautics, designed kites (including the ability to levitate humans) and, using the principles of aeronautics, built a super-high-speed boat with water-repellent coating.
At the same time, Bell did not stop work on areas, physiology and eugenics.
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