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A few words about the anesthesia.

The first thing we should thank nature for what it gave us the ability to feel pain.  We stepped on a sharp object or something from us finger: we feel the pain.  Pain is a signal of danger, we are looking for the cause of your pain, we find that the pain disappeared.

And are there people who do not feel pain? A little, but there is.  Their little, about 1 person in 1 000 000 and they have a rare disease-these people don’t feel that they break a finger or put a prick with a sharp object.  Such people remains only compassion.

But back to healthy people, capable of feeling pain.  For such people the problem of pain becomes palpable, even with the simplest surgical intervention.  According to historical sources, the great Tsar Peter the Great loved dentistry and are often He carried a box with a set of tools for pulling out teeth.  He willingly offered their services.  Peter was a cruel, and it is not excluded that the service was forced.  But it is easy to imagine the condition of patients.

It is with dental practice began the formation of anesthesia as an independent medical direction.  At 1845 the dentist Horace Wells decided to demonstrate the effect of anesthesia before reputable doctors in Massachusetts hospital in Boston at the invitation of the surgeon Warren.  However, Wells made a mistake in the proportions of substances, and the patient is screaming in pain.  The audience (including students) ridiculed the young dentist.  In connection with this incident, wells was discredited in the eyes of the representatives of the medical community (although some later watching a demonstration by doctors recognized his achievement).  This failure ultimately led to the suicide of a prospective scientist: forgotten by all Horace Wells only two years later, in 1848, committed suicide by breathing in chloroform and making a deep incision in place of passing the femoral artery.  It was the first, and apparently the only case of suicide under anesthesia.  In 1846, one of its partners successfully conducted an operation in the mouth with an essential narcosis.  American Dental Association recognized Horace Wells pioneer of modern anesthesia.
Towards modern anesthesia there is so many dates and names, that list them impossible.  Easier to talk about simpler things.

The mechanism of pain.

Whether the pain to kill a person? No, responds to modern science.  The sensation of pain is transmitted to the brain.  In response, a special body of the brain-the hypothalamus produces hormones and prepares the body in battle.  The process is very energy-intensive: muscles tense up, heartbeat quickens, the response of the brain called the  “stress “.  It is clear that stress creates some risk to die from the pain, for example, a person with a weak heart.

Most healthy people are able to carry even very severe pain.  The question is, why is football, which accidentally hit on the leg so long rolls around on the grass?

In France, the pain is considered as though an independent disease, and from her trying to get away with the slightest signs of its emergence.  Doctors prescribe tons of painkillers.  Many, even relatively simple operation is often done under general anesthesia, it is no coincidence that the technique the narcosis in France worked out to the smallest detail and is constantly improving: preliminary consultation with an anesthesiologist, time of immersion in sleep, waking up from sleep and so on.  In recent years, in France, as in other countries with developed medicine, much attention is paid to the time of immersion in the dream.  It turns out that this point can be made as pleasant as possible, for example, cause a pleasant daydreams, dreams, if you use some modern techniques of suggestion before the operation.

There are also doctors Anesthetists-hypnotherapists: for  hypnosis sensible patients we can combine hypnosis with local anesthesia may well replace general anesthesia, although, admittedly, the use of hypnosis as anesthesia is still very limited.

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