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Frederick Grant Banting, the inventor of insulin

Frederick Grant Banting – a Canadian physician and physiologist, one of the discoverers of the insulin hormone, a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine in 1923 (with John McLeod)

What is insulin?

Insulin is a protein hormone, which in the body is a kind of “guide” of glucose, helping it to get into the cells of the body. If, for some reason, insulin is not enough, then food products containing sugar are not absorbed by the cells. Sugar accumulates in the blood. This is a disease called “diabetes.”Help the patient can only insulin.

But where can I get it? It is produced by the pancreas of man and animals. The latter, including cattle, are used to get insulin.

A little bit about the life of Bunting. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, in Canada in 1916. During World War I went to the front, was seriously injured. After treatment he returned to Canada. He had many ideas in the field of diabetes care, but there was not a good laboratory, there were no experimental dogs, assistants were needed. In Toronto worked as a specialist in diabetes, Professor MacLeod. With great difficulty, Bunting went to his laboratory. But soon they were already experimenting together. In 1922, clinical trials of the resulting insulin began. Within a few months he began to save human lives. A rare case for science: an extremely short period between experiment and the introduction of its results.

In 1923, Bunting and Macleod shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Bunting is the national hero of Canada. Even during his life in Toronto, the Research Institute named after Bunting

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