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Benjamin Spock

Бенжамин Спок

For those who are interested by the term “doctor”.

Athlete, doctor, public figure – Benjamin Spock was born in 1903 in the United States. First he entered Yale University, where he improved in literature and English. He was fond of sports, was a member of the national rowing team at the Olympic Games in Paris. In 1924 the team became the champion. Several years he studied at the Medical Faculty of Columbia University, at the age of 26 he became a pediatrician. For many years he was engaged in medical practice.

Benjamin Spock became famous for the book “Baby and Child Care” ​​written in 1946. The active nature requires space. Spock is involved in the movement against the war in Vietnam. Benjamin Spock divorces his first wife and marries a woman who is 41 years younger than him. Benjamin Spock tries himself as a presidential candidate with an exotic program: free medical care, the legalization of abortion and marijuana, the withdrawal of all US troops from foreign countries. And, finally, most importantly, Benjamin Spock lived almost 95 years! Such a person can be proud!

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