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Skin Examination

The balance sheet analysis face the signs of aging of the skin

A thorough skin surface and depth provides an overall picture of the health and appearance of skin. It can reveal the damage that can not be detected with a simple visual examination.

The signs of facial skin aging
Skin aging is a phenomenon which varies according to each person depending on genetic makeup and lifestyle.

It is manifested by the appearance of wrinkles that become more and more marked, a dermal elasticity loss, the appearance of pigmentary changes (dilated pores, blotches, liver spots), a change in appearance of the skin becomes duller.

Environmental factors also play an important role. Excessive sun or smoking, high stress, poor diet, poor hydration, lack of exercise or pollution have an influence on the quality of the skin.

The record face
the ‘Visia’ system is a machine that analyzes in depth the skin of every patient with multispectral images.
The system compares each individual result compared to people of the same sex, in the same age group and with the same type of skin. Thanks to these extremely precise statistics, the doctor will be able to propose a plan of personalized rejuvenation, or beauty as the Jet Peel, commodity coding techniques of aesthetic medicine like injections, peels, lasers, etc.
Tests carried out:
measure the depth of the pores: pores are the circular external openings of the sebaceous glands. Visia distinguishes the pores of tasks based on their size, the pores are much smaller.
Skin analysis and skin condition: Visia detects skin texture by measuring the color and rough consistency compared to the surrounding skin tone.
Measure wrinkles: wrinkles occur by furrows or hollows in the skin, which increase with exposure to the Sun and are associated with the loss of skin elasticity. Visia analyzes the shape and depth of wrinkles.
Analysis spots: spots are lesions caused by an excess of melanin in the skin. They include the melasmas, hyperpigmentation, freckles, the lentigos.
Analyzes red spots: red zones include a variety of lesions such as acne or small veins apparent as in rosacea.
Analyzes UV damage: they occur when melanin clot below the surface of the skin due to exposure to the Sun.
Identifies the presence of Porphyrin and bacteria: the porphyrins are bacterial secretions that lodge in the pores and can lead to acne.


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