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Miltaderm: The latest generation fractionated cold laser.

Miltaderm is an innovative process combining a fractionated cold laser and LEDs. Photonic radiation is then potentiated by magnetic tunnels which stimulate the production of new collagen fibers and restructure existing fibers, resulting in deep regeneration with exceptional results.

Indications: Facial and body care

Miltaderm makes it possible to treat a large number of indications because the photon radiation penetrates into the core of the cell, at the mitochondria which are the “energy plants” of the cells with the production of Adenosine-TriphosPhate (ATP).
Miltaderm: The latest generation fractionated cold laser

Miltaderm is suitable for all skin types, from light to dark.

Medical care


Medical care


Body care

Stretch marks.

Slimming care



Miltaderm is used alone or combined with other techniques to boost their results and reduce sequelae such as redness, swelling, etc.

The Miltahead helmet uses the same technology to fortify the scalp and stop hair loss

The proceedings of the session

Miltaderm is a phototherapy device with magnetic tunnels, polychromatic wide-spectrum wavelength LEDs and LLLT cold lasers.

A session lasts ten minutes with a weekly frequency. A full course includes an average of 10 sessions.

LED Treatment

It is an emission of cold light belonging to the visible and infrared spectrum (red, yellow, blue, green, violet). The radiation awakens and stimulates the activity of the fibroblasts and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Advantages of cold light:

Better hydration of the skin.
Acts directly on the sagging skin.
Treats wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and freckles.
Acceleration of tissue repair processes.
Suitable for all treatments and imperfections due to acne.

Treatment with cold lasers

The photonic panels are equipped with LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) lasers. They allow the emission of pulsed monochromatic coherent light. This radiation considerably increases the biostimulation of living tissue. Rejuvenation and tissue repair effects are faster and more durable.
Magnetic tunnels

The radiation of LEDs and cold lasers is potentiated by a magnetic tunnel which acts as a photonic accelerator.

Advantages of the magnetic tunnel:

Biological effects: It increases the energy efficiency of electromagnetic radiation of polychromatic LEDs.
Exceptional penetration power: The different light emissions potentiated by magnetic tunnels penetrate the skin to a depth of 10 to 13 centimeters.
Drainage: The magnetic field allows better lymphatic drainage, facilitating the evacuation of metabolic waste associated with cell regeneration.

After the session

Miltaderm allows tissue photostimulation in a non-invasive way, without social or solar eviction.

The results

The results appear quickly in the first sessions. Clinical studies have shown improved skin texture, reduced production of free radicals. The fine lines are smoothed, the stretch marks blurred, the fine skins gain in firmness and elasticity, the scars are masked, the pores tightened.

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