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MonaLisa Touch reverses the biological clock of vaginal tissue

MonaLisa Touch is a fractional CO2 laser with a pulse mode created specifically for the rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa. The laser emits radiation on the walls of the vagina and induces a synthesis of collagen that will regenerate the intimate tissue.


Rejuvenation of the vaginal mucosa

MonaLisa Touch treats atrophy problems when vaginal tissues become dry and very sensitive at the time of menopause.

Following hormonal changes, the mucosa thins and decreases the production of vaginal fluid. This lack of lubrication causes dryness in the vagina. This results in a number of inconveniences such as pain and sometimes bleeding during sex, a frequent need to urinate, the production of whitish losses accompanied by burns, or even unpleasant odors.

This laser can also treat women who have heavy treatments that cause hormonal problems causing vaginal dryness (hepatitis C, some cancers).

The session

Monalisa Touch is a technique that does not require anesthesia.

MonaLisa Touch- The New Laser Against vaginal Atrophy, Laxity and Urinary Incontinence.

Introduced into the vagina to the cervix, the laser removes the dehydrated mucosa that covers the vaginal wall. These cells are replaced by younger, better hydrated underlying mucosa. The mucosa of the vagina then produces more collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastic fibers, elements contributing to the flexibility, elasticity and hydration of the mucosa.
In addition, the laser causes the manufacture of glycogen which feeds the lactobacilli present in the vaginal flora, which contributes to the acidification of the pH of the vagina. All of these actions improve lubrication.

The procedure is painless. The patient feels only a slight vibration. At the end of the session, when the laser approaches the vulva, it can sometimes feel small tingling unpleasant.

The treatment requires three sessions of twenty minutes to one month apart.

After session

An uncomfortable but painless inflammatory reaction occurs which leads to avoid sexual intercourse for three days.

The results

The vaginal mucosa returns to its pre-menopausal state, as after estrogen treatment, and regains its thickness, firmness and normal pH, which helps to maintain the natural protective barrier, while reducing the risk of infections.

The results are visible after one month and continue to improve during treatment. They last between nine to sixteen months depending on the women. The satisfaction index after the third session varies between 84% and 90%.

It is advisable to carry out an annual session of MonaLisa Touch laser to preserve the effect obtained.

After each MonaLisa Touch session, the patient can benefit from Milta Gyneco treatment to reduce inflammation and boost results.

The price of the laser MonaLisa Touch>>>

Treatment Price
MonaLisa Touch alone
  • 1 session: 400€
  • 3 sessions package: 1050€
MonaLisa Touch + Milta Gyneco
  • 1 session: 450€
  • 3 sessions package: 1200€
Consultation Price
Consultation with the doctor 50€


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