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Plexr: lifting the eyelids without surgery

The Plexr uses plasma energy to rejuvenate the look non-invasively and painlessly.

Plexr is an alternative to blepharoplasty for people who do not wish to resort to surgery.

Plexr in Paris at cosmetic clinic Champs Elysees


Rejuvenating a tired look

Plexr the priority is used to remove excess skin drooping eyelids.

But according to the generated plasma intensity, we can handle many other indications:

  • Rejuvenation: periorbital and perioral wrinkles, sagging skin, neck folds.
  • Skin Appearance: Skin spots, acne scars, white scar, small keloids, stretch marks.
  • Dermatology: acne, hemangioma, angioma, xanthelasma, seborrheic warts, moles (nevi)

The session Plexr

The Plexr comes in the form of a pen that sends small flashes of light without touching the skin.

Technology “plasma excision”

The Plexr is based on the technology of “plasma removal,” a high-energy ions and electrons which vaporizes without any pain the superficial layer of the epidermis. Heat target only the firing point.

The plasma is generated only when the tip of the handpiece and the skin are at the right distance, ie a little less than a millimeter.

It follows an immediate retraction of the loose skin without bleeding and a small scab forms.

An anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area one hour before treatment to avoid burning. The patient opens and closes his eyes to mark folds of skin in excess to be removed, which allows the physician to target specific points of fire triangle, zigzag or staggered.

The shooting last less than a second. The point of impact creates an immediate retraction of the skin. The patient feels at most a slight sensation of heat because the treated area immediately cools and does not overheat the surrounding tissue. Once treatment is complete, the doctor apply ice to cool the lids then it disinfects the skin by patting without removing the crusts of carbonization.

A session of Plexr lasts about thirty minutes. Depending on the size of the excess skin, one to four sessions are required.

Each session is spaced a month.

After the session

There are still small crusts of just 500 microns spaced a few millimeters at the impact points of Plexr. These scabs fall naturally after three to five days. while remaining mild redness for a few days can easily be camouflaged with makeup.

The patient should gently wash the eyes with water and a mild soap and gently pat dry by without rubbing until the scabs fall.

There is also a slight edema disappears maximum in two days. To return to a habitual way of life it is possible right after a session. To avoid the risk of hyperpigmentation, it is recommended that sun protection for a month. The results The look seems less sad and tired immediately after treatment due to the retraction of the skin upward. The findings then continue to improve gradually to be optimal after seven days.

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