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VelaShape III

VelaShape III

VelaShape III is a comfortable and non-invasive technique for the treatment of body contouring. It is very effective for the improvement of cellulite.

Indications: Reshaping the body and improve skin texture

VelaShape III suitable for many indications although it uses primarily for cellulite.

All types of cellulite (aqueous, fibrous and adipose).
Reducing small localized fat (eg, a small can or a double chin). For the beads, you must make the UltraShape.
Firming sagging skin.

the area may be treated under the chin, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and arms.

The course of the session

The doctor defines the area to be treated and then applied to the skin the Velaspray, an aloe vera cream and containing caffeine for good contact.

Treatment includes three sessions spaced two weeks. A session lasts between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the case.

VelaShape III combines several energy through the Elos technology.
The infrared and radio frequency

The temperature must be between 43 ° C and 45 ° C for at least ten minutes to be effective.

Infrared light heats the deep dermis to three millimeters deep.
Bipolar radio frequency (RF) heating up the hypodermis to twenty millimeters deep.

The combination of infrared and radio frequency heats deep connective tissue, which induces release of triglycerides stored in large quantities in adipocytes and easing septa.

Septa are parallel partitions that divide the hypodermis into small cavities in which are contained the adipocytes. When fat cells grow, these walls are deformed by pulling on their cutaneous anchoring points. Then appear cellulite and orange peel effect.

With the heat of the VelaShape III septa will reduce volume, which will smooth the dermis and epidermis and eliminate the dimpled effect on the skin.

The heating effect also causes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thereby improving the tonicity of the skin.
Aspiration and rolled palpated

Aspiration ensures delivery deep energy into the skin.
The palpated rolled promotes increased blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage, which is essential in the treatment of cellulite.

The suites

VelaShape III is completely painless and there is even a pleasant feeling of warmth. Slight redness may persist for a few hours after the session. The resumption of daily activity immediately.

The results

There is a visible improvement in the texture and tone of the skin from the first session. But the result is optimal after one to two months, which is the time required for the renewal of collagen fibers.
The synergy of its actions, VelaShape III affects all factors of cellulite and dimpled effect is less visible As the sessions.
There is a reduction of fatty deposits on the stomach than 2.6 centimeters in circumference on average.

The price of VelaShape III

During the consultation, the doctor prescribes a detailed quote based treatment areas.

A session lasts fifteen minutes to each area.

The area under the chin account for a zone.
The flanks, thighs, buttocks and arms represent two zones (right area and left area).
A leg is divided into three zones: front thigh, rear thigh and inner thigh.

In the clinic Champs Elysées, we temporarily do not offer VelaShape III sessions.

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