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Verju Laser Body Fat Reduction

“Body contouring” laser at 360 degree

Verjú is the first and only green laser diode low intensity that has permission from the US FDA for fat loss, obesity and cellulite reduction . This treatment is non-invasive and provides a good  results in just six sessions.

Indications for application of  Verju Laser for Body Fat Reduction:

The fat removal and mitigation of cellulite

Verjú is a slimming laser that removes excess fat even in obese people with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40. it can be used alone or in combination with other techniques like Coolsculpting or in addition to liposuction.

Verjú also acts on cellulite. According wide Nurnberger-Muller there are three levels of severity

  • Level 1: cellulite is visible only when you pinch the skin.
  • Level 2: it is visible when standing but not when lying down.
  • Level 3: it is visible both in qu’allongée standing position.

All skin phototypes can be treated without any danger.

The photonic energy of Verju laser acts on adipocytes by bio-stimulation and causes liquefaction of fat and the creation of micropores to allow the release of fatty acids into the lymphatic system for 48 to 72 hours after treatment.
An articulated arm 360 degrees makes it possible to cover large areas and to treat the entire body at once. Verjú uses a low-power green laser diode that provides quick and effective treatment.

The size of fat cells visibly decreases in the second week and the silhouette is refined gradually.

Лазер verju до и после 6 сеансов

Reducing the thickness of the fat layer before and after 6 sessions of the Verju laser.


A session lasts between twenty to thirty minutes. A treatment consists of six sessions with a frequency of one to three sessions per week. Then there should be a maintenance session every six months.

With the introduction of the Verjú laser system, we are able to prove a greater outcome in less treatment time. By updating the laser diodes to the green diodes (532nm wavelength) used in the Verjú, we can effectively deliver an even more efficient non-invasive treatment for body contouring and a proven comprehensive treatment for the appearance of cellulite.

The updated technology allows Verjú to produce 25% more energy than that of the previously used red (635nm wavelength), to allow for even faster treatment times and a 25% increase in overall circumference reduction.


After the session

Verjú is a painless technique, without crowding or side effects.

The results

The results are visible after the second session. Note that the speed of the results varies depending on the metabolism of each person. To help the lymphatic system to eliminate fat, it is advisable to drink water regularly, walking twenty minutes a day and avoid smoking.

Clinical studies show:
A reduction of more than 11 cm in 4 weeks and more than 15 cm in obese patients without lifestyle modification or further processing.
A cellulite reduction 1 of 2 level according to the scale of Nurnberger-Muller.

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