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Mini-Lift (French Lift)

French Lift of Dr CUMBO

Otherwise described as non Surgical Facelift, French Lift, One Stitch Lift, No Scar Face Lift, Droopy jowls, Dropped face or mini Face Facelift.

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minilift, thread lift

French Lift of Peter CUMBO

Before-after minilift (thread-lift, French Lift)

Before-after, mini-lift of Peter Cumbo

Droopy jowls, Dropped face

Droopy jowls, Dropped face

Take years off with the French Lift.

From the age of 40, the face, cheeks and jowls can begin to sag, starting to show the signs of age.The French Lift is an excellent treatment for both men and women who have mid face and cheek drooping. It’s the best minimally invasive mini face lift technique carried out under local anaesthetic.



French Lift: small incisions are made in the side of the head

Small incisions are made in the side of the head, (temporal region) and hidden in the hairline, the sutures are then gently inserted through the small incision.

Contouring is an ambulatory procedure, carried out under local anesthesia.
In the temporal part of the head, covered with hair, two small cuts are made. With the help of a specially developed and patented tool (“Intemporel®”), threads are inserted through incisions and laid along a special trajectory designed to clasp the cheek-cheekbone fat pad and / or SMAS.
Then the threads are guided to the point of their introduction and are fixed on the temporal aponeurosis – a fabric with high strength, which provides a powerful and long-lasting effect.
When using other well-known methods of strengthening threads (for example, APTOS) sometimes there are cases of protrusion or palpation of the thread, especially when mimic movements. In the described method, this problem does not exist, because there is a simultaneous repositioning of the skin along with deeper tissues: fat and muscles.

The method allows you to work with high accuracy on selected anatomical zones, such as: cheekbones, circular muscles of the eyelids, eyebrows, etc. The procedure is perfectly combined with other known surgical methods, allows you to refresh the lifting, the effect of which has already begun to undergo, and to improve the result of other minimally invasive methods used in the adjacent areas of the face.

The procedure takes about an hour to an hour and you can then return home. No dressing is required apart from a few very small steristrips which can be removed 24-48 hours later.

You can wash your hair three days after the procedure, but if you colour your hair do this a week before. Seven to ten days downtime is required with some bruising and swelling.

Recovery is fast. Around seven to ten days downtime is required with some bruising and swelling.

Post-operative care is simple: disinfection of small scars in the scalp. Edemas and bruises in most cases are mild. Moderate pain may occur within the next 24 hours. A few points on the face, remaining from the puncture of the skin with a thin cannula, disappear without a trace in a few days, and can be disguised with powder on the next day after the procedure.

The French Lift operation opens up completely new perspectives, as it aims to restore and reposition tissues. French Lift returns to individual areas of the face the volume lost with age and is not limited to exposure to the skin ‘shell.’ This is the completely new element among the techniques that are at the turn of aesthetic medicine and minimally invasive surgery.

What Are the Results?

After a French Lift patients see it erases facial tiredness, giving you a younger and very natural appearance for up to 5 years. No side effects have been detected, making it one of the safest anti-ageing solutions. The French Lift is also ideal for correcting the tear trough, nasolabial folds, expression lines as well as cheeks and restores youthful facial contour by repositioning the sagging facial tissue : nothing is added, but your tissue is lifted and placed back where it was several years before. If you need extra volume, fat transfer or fillers can be combined although usually in small quantities.

Before and after the French Lift Before and after the French Lift

Before and after the Mini Lift

Before and after the Mini Lift


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