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The drug was developed by the French laboratory- part of the Allergan.
New tool developed based on hyaluronic acid on 3D technology Intensified Acid Matrix.

The drug is able to fill in the zone under the skin to smooth the surface and increase the volume.

The drug is the development of the third generation.

Line drugs Surgiderm Surgiderm 18-used for eliminating small wrinkles injected superficially.

Surgiderm XP-24 is designed for correction of wrinkles, nasolabial and inter-eyebrow folds, correct lip contour, introduced in the middle layers of the skin. Alphabetic characters XP characterize the increased viscosity of the drug to achieve the greatest and prolonged effect.

Surgiderm 30-smoothing strongly expressed deep wrinkles and folds, including the Chin, entered in the deeper layers of the skin.

Surgiderm XP-30 corrects the deficiency of soft tissues, for example, spread my cheeks, vvalivshiesja significantly increase lip volume, adjust the facial contour.

Surgilips-designed for the correction of volume and shape of the lips, filling out of Perioral wrinkles.

Surgilift Plus-whereas the lack of hyaluronic acid in the body, which may be due to ageing or external factors.

After injection into the skin, it is active hydration, elasticity and tone.

Advantage Surgiderm is compatible with other preparations of hyaluronic acid, so you can do the injections before the end effect from previously used drugs. Due to the elastic structure gel can be used very thin needles, so virtually eliminated pain during injection. In some cases, possible anaesthetic cream.

Result and skin care after Surgiderm injection

We can see the result immediately. In the first days of may a small reddening of the skin, swelling in the area of introduction-this is a normal reaction to intradermal injections, did not require medical treatment. The drug lasts up to a year.

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