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The first doctor cosmonaut Boris Egorov

The first doctor astronaut 13th cosmonaut of the planet (and the ninth in the Soviet Union) Boris Egorov.

We live in an amazing time: the great become commonplace. Fantastic astronaut profession has become as familiar as a bus driver. The space has visited more than 500 people. So, straining memory of Boris Yegorov was born in 1937. 1961 graduated from the Medical Institute, specializing in the field of space medicine. In 1964, the crew of 3 persons is flying on a spaceship “Voskhod”.
He has been researching the effects of weightlessness on the human body after 1961 definitively embarked on the study of the problems of space medicine. B.B. Egorov – the only Soviet cosmonauts never formally consisting in an astronaut. He visited many countries. In 1965 he was elected MD Humboldt University of Berlin, and in 1966 he became a laureate of the International Academy of Astronautics.
He was married four times, including married to two of the most beautiful women of the country: Actress Natalia Fateeva and Natalia Kustinskaya.
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