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Breast from Bellucci, back from Kardashian, lips from Jenner

Breast from Bellucci, back from Kardashian, lips from Jenner

Having to see a doctor, patients are often willing to do plastic surgery to look like a celebrity.

Google have ask:

  • how to become beautiful
  • what a pretty face
  • make breasts as Monica Bellucci have
  • back like that of Kim Kardashian
  • lips like those of Kylie Jenner

‘ what to do if you don’t like its looks? ‘, ‘ I don’t like my appearance ‘-these issues should cheerleaders close.  Often the appearance here at anything, though in appearance people are looking for the cause of the failure and frustration in life.

So it seems completely justified view of some plastic surgeons that patient before making an aesthetic operation, it is a good idea to consult with a psychiatrist (at least some of the patients).  An experienced specialist can fairly easily identify cases where it is obvious that the leading motivation for aesthetic surgery is psychic people.  Aesthetic surgery in this case would not solve the problem of the patient will not make it happier, but, on the contrary, could give rise to new problems: dissatisfaction with the results, litigation with the hospital and surgeon.

Certainly no doctor is unwilling to face this problem, therefore, seeing for ourselves the apparent ‘ unbalanced ‘, refuses to operate from completely obvious considerations that the operation will bring him (the surgeon) more problems than money and satisfaction of a job well done.

Some studies show that the incidence of mental disorders as motivation to aesthetic surgery can reach 90%, with the subsequent formation of the behavioural stereotype as repetitive aesthetic operations.  Such mental disorders include: body dysmorphic disorder and komorbidnaja Pathology: personality disorder, eating behaviour violations, depressive and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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