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Was the cruel Dr. Guillotin?

Жозеф Гильотен

Joseph Guillotin Guillotin was born in 1738. He was a professor of anatomy, but he was interested in politics, and he was a member of the Constituent Assembly of France. At one of its meetings in 1789, he suggested that the death penalty was carried out in France with a machine equipped with an oblique knife, falling from a certain height. No relation to the invention of the car Dr. Guillotin did not have a (History conceals the name of its inventor).

Dr. Guillotin The proposal was prompted by the most humane considerations, namely, to rid the condemned men from the torment associated with the “manual” method of clipping head. There is a widespread view that Guillotin was guillotined. It is not so: he died in 1814 in Paris of natural causes and was buried at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. After the death of his family members Guillotin requested the government to change the name of the guillotine, but were refused.

Then, the family changed its own name. Guillotin was also a Mason and was a member of the greatest Masonic lodge “Nine Sisters”.

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