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About the clinic and services

Эстетическая клиника, Париж, Франция

Clinic Champs-Elysées – the largest medical clinic in France, specialized exclusively in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.

About Clinic

Clinic Champs-Elysées – the largest medical clinic in France, specialized exclusively in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. For more than 60 years, patients come here not only from France but also from around the world. Just a few meters away from the legendary Champs-Elysées in a historic building located Haussmanian-era clinic, entirely dedicated to beauty: the modern equipment, highly qualified doctors, and effective methods of what is called the French touch: glamor, sophistication and mouthwatering French spirit. Following the demands of the modern energetic person, many medical procedures require quite a bit of time, often leave no trace and can improve the appearance, as they say, “on the job”. Surgical operations are carried out in the well-equipped operating theater, qualified surgeons. The clinic is held regularly all the necessary accreditation and certification in accordance with European (and note, draconian very!) Requirements. Clinic on the Champs-Elysées has long been a benchmark for the most demanding of doctors and the most demanding patients. Doctors, specialized in different fields, is performed on a monthly basis over 450 aesthetic surgery and more than 600 non-surgical aesthetic procedures, as well as more than 50 transplant hair follicles operations.
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About Treatments

The clinic performed the surgery to solve the problems of aesthetic plan: correction of age-related changes, correction of the form parts of the body and face (rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift and body, liposuction, etc.), correction of breast shape (breast reduction, breast augmentation, reconstruction breast shape after childbirth and lactation, and. t. d.), aesthetic surgery on the genitals, so-called “intimate plastic.” By surgery also includes transplantation own hair and esthetic dentistry. For aesthetic correction without surgery using lasers and numerous medical devices, a large fleet of hardware is updated regularly. Aesthetic dermatology would have been impossible without the use of modern drugs: chemical peels and injections. Important: all drugs authorized for use in France, are as safe as possible, they are long-term tests, and their production is strictly regulated. The origin of each use of the drug, an injection can be followed at all stages of its progress to the patient. The use in the French hospital “rootless” drugs of unknown origin is absolutely excluded.
Aesthetic treatments and operations you can learn more under the headings SURGERY and WITHOUT SURGERY

For the patient

Useful information for patients: legal aspects, the organization of the operation, hospital stay, help with the translation in the category FOR THE PATIENT

The patient is recorded on a consultation with one of the hospital surgeons, specialist in the desired area. If the solution of the problem will take several experts in different fields, the patient consults with each of them. If unsure, always have the opportunity to talk to two or three surgeons that will help determine the choice. For patients who live far from Paris, organized consultation with a doctor on Skype. Contact the clinic is possible with the help of modern means of communication, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram by number + 336-098-089-55, and of course, e-mail:

Appearance Problems

The aesthetic clinic treat people who are concerned about the problem of appearance. List of the most frequent appearance of problems we broke into groups to make it easier to site visitors to navigate. You can also use the general list in alphabetical order form or to find information on keywords or phrases

About the most common problems of patients and methods of their correction, see the section APPEARANCE PROBLEMS


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