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Legal information

Legal information for patients in a hospital in France

Before the law of 4 March 2002 of the obligation to complete patient information in this area it was already stricter than in other medical specialties.

Appeal of Lyons Court (Court of Appeal, Lyon, January 8, 1981) clearly stated that “the aesthetic plastic surgeon has more than any other, to inform accurately his client about all the risks and complications of the recommended surgery. Patient Right to information does not stop after the completed.

In addition, the law considered that this particular commitment may be up to the need to give the surgeon perform some operations (Paris Court of Appeal, 13 January 1959).

In its continuation, since 1998 the Court obliged the surgeon to inform his patient of the serious dangers of intervention and all the inconveniences that may follow from it (the Court of Cassation on 17 February 1998, n ° 329P). Aesthetic surgeon must inform the patient about the complexities of healing and the possibility of complications (Paris Court of Appeal, 1 October 1998); all the circumstances related to the wound after face-lift, the duration of the recovery period … (Paris Court of Appeal on 2 April 1999).

However, the surgeon’s responsibility extends only to the well-known on the day of surgery complications and risks (Cass, 1st civ, 2/10/02, n ° 1426 F)

Resolution of 17 October 1996 has devoted attention to information relating to tariffs: obligatory drawing up detailed quotations alleged interference in three cases:

  • when the amount of the transaction equals or exceeds 305 euros,
  • when the operation requires for its implementation the use of general anesthesia
  • at the request of the patient.

The decree of December 5, 1999 requires prior consultation.

The Act of March 4, 2002 once again emphasizes the need to provide detailed information to the patient.

Speaking on the subject of information, the law clearly specifies that it should relate to the conditions of operation, the dangers and possible consequences and complications, and should be submitted to the total price with a detailed explanation.

Speaking about the conditions of presenting the information: the surgeon should leave the patient a minimum period of reflection (15 days) between the presentation of the estimates and the likely interference, and it should not during this period require no down payment, with the exception of a fee corresponding to the tariff for a consultation. on the need to prior consultation principle is fixed, and it is no longer necessary to remind the law. Of course, you must comply with all other rules about the information recommended by physicians practicing in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Article L. 6322-2. Code of the Public Health Code: “When reporting any act of aesthetic surgery interested patient or his legal representative, should be informativenes surgeon responsible for compliance with the conditions of operation, of the risks and possible consequences and complications This information is accompanied by the transfer of detailed estimates of minimum time for reflection.. must be observed between the transmission of the estimates and the proposed operation. during this period, the patient can be neither demanded nor received payment of any kind, are not affected by any other of its obligations, except for the fees related to the consultation preceding the intervention.

Time for reflection

In order that the patient did not accept the operation, as being simple and small, it is recommended to consult some cases several specialists. The law provides for 15 days of reflection, during which the patient does not have the right to require any commitments. No amount of any advance payment can not be paid during this period, which will be fixed by decree, except for prior consultation fees (6322-2 paragraph 2).

The organization of the visit to the clinic

How to plan the operation and stay in Paris.

In advance by correspondence or by telephone fixed dates all the consultation and surgery.

Typically, if a patient is in Paris for a week, then the scheme of its minimum stay as follows:

  • Day 1: consultation before the surgery, tests
  • Day 2 – operation. The next day after surgery (after some operations – on the third day) the patient discharged from the hospital with detailed recommendations and a list of essential drugs purchased at a pharmacy.
  • 3rd day – the control of the surgeon’s visit
  • 4th day – rest, walks on well-being
  • 5th – 6th day – a normal life without fatigue
  • 7th day – up visit, the removal of some of the joints and leaving the patient in the plane compressive stockings are recommended
  • 8-15 days — removal of some surgical sutures on a residence.

Control visits to local patients:

  • after 10 days,
  • a month later,
  • In 3 months,
  • In a year

Those who live far away usually are asked to send photos to control.  About their rights and responsibilities of the clinic in France can be found under the heading “Legal Information”.

Operation's costs

The cost of surgery in aesthetic clinic in the Champs-Elysees, Paris

Indicative price surgery, the patient can find out by contacting us by telephone or correspondence. In severe cases there may be to conduct a preliminary consultation with the surgeon via Skype. During the first internal consultation with the surgeon specifies all the details of the operation and price, between the Clinic and the patients signed a contract.

The price includes all the costs of surgical intervention:

  • cost of operation
  • general anesthesia
  • Stay in the Clinic, under medical supervision
  • drugs used in clinic

The exact price is determined at the time of the first consultation and is fixed by the Treaty signed by the surgeon and the patient.

  • If the hybrid operation (multiple simultaneous corrections), then the price of the second and subsequent operations (using general anesthesia) is reduced to 600 euros.
  • For the price of the operation is added separately to 350 euros – postoperative monitoring and care, dressings, removal of sutures.
  • Each additional night in the House according to the customer is € 1000
  • The first consultation with the surgeon: 50 euros
  • Consultation anesthesiologist: 100 euros (2-30 days prior to surgery)

To provide for possible additional costs:

  • Tightening tights after liposuction and abdominoplasty: 150 euros
  • Bra after breast surgery: 100 euros
  • Compression stockings: 50 euros

At discharge from the clinic anesthesiologist may prescribe additional medicines that are purchased in pharmacies

  • Cardiogram: € 80 (valid for 1 month maximum)
  • Package preoperative tests in Paris: about 170 euros (tests can be made in your country, we will send the required list on the request is valid for 30 days, except for platelets that are tested 48 hours before surgery max.)
  • Mammography in the case of breast surgery: about 100 euros, depending on the lab.

Desirably presence patient in Paris for several days after surgery. (Minimum stay in Paris, including counseling, testing and operation – 1 week). The stitches can be removed in a hospital at the place of residence within the specified period by the surgeon.


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