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Medical staff and management

60 experienced physicians and surgeons practice in our Clinic. Doctors are working closely together in order to best meet patient needs. If some wish a patient goes beyond the competence of the doctor, who forwards it to his colleague, a specialist in the desired area. Thus, a patient may engage in several different doctors, but all the data are collected in a single computerized patient medical records.


Пластические хирургиPlastic surgeons specializing “aesthetic surgery”

60 plastic surgeons in the field of “plastic surgery” operate on the Champs Elysees Clinic. Some of them have a very narrow specialization, for example, Max-facial surgeon or an ophthalmologist who does only surgery on the eyelids, or hair implant specialist. Due to the large number of narrowly specialized operations they exhibit what is called top class in the chosen discipline.


Врачи, эстетическая медицинаDoctors with specialization “aesthetic medicine”

7 doctors who have been specialized in the field of aesthetic medicine, are receiving at the clinic. They carried out all the procedures using medical devices and lasers, injections, peels and more.

Other Doctors

Другие специалистыOther doctors.

In aesthetic clinic in the Champs Elysees engage other doctors such as:. Anesthesiologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, nutritionists, dentists, surgeons, physical therapist, etc. If the patient has an aesthetic problem cause dermatologic disease, they will dermatologist. Before and after liposuction appropriate regular follow-nutritionist doctor. Physical therapist will help improve quality of life by means of massages and a specially selected set of exercises. Consultation of the cardiologist and anesthesiologist are required for surgical operations.

Nurses and orderlies

Nurses and orderlies.

Nurses are indispensable assistants of Physicians and Surgeons. The operation unit operates a close-knit team of nurses, assisting during surgery and observe the patient in the awakening room. After the transfer to the ward the patient is under the supervision of nurses around the clock for post-operative care. They are produced post-operative dressings and blood sampling for analysis before and after surgery. Participation of junior nurses and orderlies is also very important to ensure a comfortable stay of the patient in the clinic


Directorate, Reception, Accounting, Human Resources Department

Directorate, Reception, Accounting, Human Resources Department

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