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Overhanging and Sagging Eyelids


When the skin of the upper eyelids stretched its excess forms folds, overhanging upper eyelids. Why is this happening? From lack of muscle function, lifting the upper eyelid.

Proposed Solutions

Blepharoplasty – gives rejuvenating effect. Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery is a very good anti-aging face. Correction of the upper eyelids eliminates the unpleasant problems such as the St. Bernard look tired, puffy and puffy eyelids. Read more

Plexr is an alternative to blepharoplasty for people who do not wish to resort to surgery. Plexr in Paris at Cosmetic Clinic Champs Elysees. Read more >>>

Thermage – non-invasive method of smoothing the skinMethod of exposure to radiofrequency skin: Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) heats the deep layers of the skin and improves the aspect of the skin begins to fade. Thermage strengthens tired skin, reduces started sagging and slightly smoothes the skin, reducing the effect of “orange peel”. Read more

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