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What is medical tourism?

Эстетическая операция во Франции

The objectives of the tourism in the modern world are varied.
Would you like just relax or splash in the warm sea, forever you want to visit on the peaks of the Himalayas or in the Arctic. Finally (if you’re a foodie), you love to discover new dishes and drinks. All purpose today realizable, and from any trip you will enjoy. Surely, you didn’t go unnoticed is another type of tourism: medical tourism. Very often, the goal of medical tourism in a country do aesthetic surgery. First, you get the pleasure of the trip itself, because no one forbids you from operation time go on excursions and visit the wonderful places. Secondly, you return home rejuvenated, pohoroševšim, etc. d., as well as post-operative bruising is already gone, it all can be attributed to good rest and proper nutrition, and nobody would guess that you shitrili and visited a surgeon! Why Paris? Because in France especially developed trend of obtaining a natural result of the operation, so that it looks better, but the change has not been noticeable. And this is great art, and the main difference between European (especially French) School of plastic surgery from the American, Latin American, Chinese, … All in your neighborhood will think: ‘ well it’s really Paris is the capital of fashion and beauty, it was worth my neighbor to go, and how she is prettier and staff! ‘ Business with pleasure, as they say.

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