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International Day Against Noise

Международный день борьбы с шумом

We live in a world of sounds. Unfortunately, not all sounds are useful and pleasant. Sounds are characterized by the general concept of “noise”.

A weak noise is harmless. A strong noise today is considered one of the most important factors that undermine human health, hypertension, loss of concentration, insomnia, acceleration of the aging process, damage to the hearing aid, internal noise in the head (acupuncture). Auditory disorders are not amenable to treatment.

The noise is increasing every year. The prediction of the famous scientist Robert Koch, dating back to the end of the 19th century, is coming true: “Man will have to fight with noise, as he once fought cholera and plague.”

These words you remember, if you live near the airport, or while in transport next to the passenger, who for half an hour someone is shouting something on the mobile phone.

But do not they fight with noise? They struggle, and for a long time.

According to historians, Julius Caesar issued a decree prohibiting the entry of carts to Rome after sunset for 10 hours. You can bring more recent stories from the life of Britain. The authorities of London at the end of the XVII century issued a decree prohibiting screaming, singing, beating up wives and doing other noisy things at night with open shutters.

In 1831, a study appeared in the journal lancet, describing the causes of the deafness of London blacksmiths.

In the UK appeared in the last decade of the XIX century, the first society to combat noise.

And when was the modern day “International Day Against Noise” established?

It was established in 1995 in the US, American society and hard of hearing. The holiday is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of April. The purpose of the holiday is to draw people’s attention to new types of “noise pollution” of the environment and to inform them about new methods of fighting noise.

France has much to boast of in this regard, especially in the fight against transport noise, because a person spends 10-15 hours a week in transport and everyone knows “traffic sickness”.

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