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Ernesto Che Guevara. Born in 1928 in Argentina. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires with specialization “Allergy and dermatology.” Since 1954 he lived in Mexico, where he became friends with Fidel Castro. However, it took part in all operations against the then dictator Batista’s Cuba. After coming to power, Castro became Minister of Industry in his government. By obscure reasons in 1965, Guevara left Cuba and went to Bolivia. In 1967, he was killed in one of the clashes with the Bolivian army. There is a version, according to which the Soviet special services were trying to save him and take out of the surrounded enemy terrain, but Che Guevara refused to leave the squad, in fact was very indignant at the very thought that came to save only him and another comrade, knowing that the whole party is doomed. It is also possible that Che Guevara was sent to Bolivia on the orders of Fidel Castro, who started strongly dislike the growing popularity of Che, Castro did not want to share with them the power and the glory. But this is from the speculation.

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