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Doctors in the French Academy of Sciences

The Académie was officially established in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu. The Académie consists of forty members, known informally as les immortels (the immortals). New members are elected by the members of the Académie itself. Academicians hold office for life, but they may resign or be dismissed for misconduct. We’d like that in the ‘ Immortals ‘ get somebody from aesthetic surgeons, but alas, it does not depend on us.

It remains to be content with the doctors who already have among the ‘ Immortals ‘. Here they are:
1. Yves Pouliquen, elected to the Academy in the year 2001, was born in the year 1931. Received his medical education in Paris. Majored in ophthalmology. Widely known among scholars of ophthalmologists. Has several scientific awards for the development of treatments for one of the most severe eye disease Keratoconus.




2. Jean-Christophe RUFIN, elected to the Academy in 2008 year. Born in the year 1952. Was raised by grandparents. Grandfather-doctor, participant in the French resistance during the second world war, spent two years in the concentration camp Buchenwald. Jean-Christophe also received a medical education, its track record is fantastic: the President of the humanitarian organization action against hunger (ONG), at work in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Rwanda and the Balkans. Party creation of Médecins sans Frontières (Paris 1971). French Ambassador to Senegal. It remains to add that Rufinus writes novels and winner of several prestigious literary awards.



Off Topic
In 2016 in the French Academy came our Russian guy, Siberian, writer Andrew Makin. It can be called ‘guy’, as he is only 59 years old, while the average age of academicians – 78 years. In France Makin he lived for some time in the crypt at the Paris cemetery of Pere Lachaise, earned lessons of the Russian language and in his spare time wrote novels in French. And now it has become ‘immortal’. Proud compatriot!


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