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Breast lift

The breast lift 
The breast lift back a sagging breasts when it subsides gradually because of sagging skin. This vacuum lifting height of the neckline and restores the firmness of the breasts. Directions 

Technique Results Suites 

Price Indications of breast lift 

The breast lift is recommended therefore that there is a breast ptosis, that is to say a slump chest characterized by distension of the skin supporting the breast. It can also be a glandular and fatty cast varies women. 

The breasts slacken with age but younger women, it is usually a subsequent collapse in a significant weight loss or following pregnancy (with or without breastfeeding). When the chest emptied, the surgeon does not just do a breast lift, it proceeds along with breast augmentation. 

The breast volume, so its weight is also responsible for some degree of ptosis, which can coexist with hypertrophy. That’s why during a breast reduction, in addition to the reduction of the gland, the surgeon also performs a breast lift to tighten the skin of the chest. 

The course of mammoplasty 
The mammaplasty procedure is done under general anesthesia and can last from two to three hours. The patient was hospitalized overnight. 

The surgeon first places the areola and nipple in the right position, then it was the mammary gland and then removes excess skin to get a nice curve. The breast lift skin around the newly positioned mammary gland is causing incisions that will leave scars. 

Moderate Loosening breasts 
The length of incisions can be reduced. There are 2 scars (shape of an inverted T): 
1 round around the areola which can be shortened to be deleted in some cases. 
1 vertical under the areola between the bottom of the areola and the crease under the breast. 
Relaxation of large breasts 

This is the case that scar breast lift are the longest. There are 3 scars (as a sea anchor): 

1 round around the areola. 
1 vertically between the bottom of the areola and the crease under the breast. 
More or less rounded horizontal 1 under the breast fold. 
During a mammoplasty, much of the surgeon’s work is to achieve the best possible sutures, with the shortest possible incisions. The scars are hidden in all cases in the bra, and the horizontal scar may also be partly camouflaged by the breast itself upright. 
The end of surgery, the practitioner pose a compression bandage that will be replaced at the exit of the clinic by a retaining bandage or by a suitable bra. 

The suites at the response 
They are usually not painful. Mild painkillers are prescribed and observed bruising and a swelling can disappear quickly. The patient carries one day holding bra and night for a month. If they are not absorbable suture son and running sutures are removed after a fortnight. A break of one week is recommended and an abstention from sports for a month. 

A breast lift can be performed from the end of growth and beyond, for the duration of life. A subsequent pregnancy is of course possible as well as breastfeeding, but it is advisable to wait at least six months after surgery. 

Results: The breast is firmed 

The result of a breast lift is immediately visible. The shape of the more shapely chest, breasts firmed and positioned higher so well balanced. The facelift is really final after a year, when the scars are fading gradually to become virtually undetectable fine white lines. 

The cost of breast lift

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