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Intimate plastic for men and women

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Vaginoplasty is any number of genitoplasty surgical procedures done to the vagina, vulva or related structures. Read more >>>

Hyaluronic acid for the penis

Penoplasty the injection of hyaluronic acid

Men who wish to penoplasty without surgery can give an injection of hyaluronic acid into the penis. Resorbable product spreads wonderfully in the body without risk of rejection.

Indications: to increase the circumference of penis
hyaluronic acid injection into the penis is for men who want to increase the girth of the penis size. It is a good alternative for those who do not wish to resort to surgical phalloplasty.

Note that the medical penoplasty does not address the problems of length of the penis.

The penoplasty by hyaluronic acid makes thickening of the penis circumference of two to three centimeters which visually represents almost double. The result is immediate and more visible after three days, the time that the product is put in place.


Hymenorrhaphy, hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is the surgical restoration of the hymen. Hymenoplasty is not always carried out to prepare for a wedding. Sometimes, after a rape, women use this operation to erase the trauma and regain their physical integrity. Other women also see a reconstruction of the hymen as a way to turn the page after a relationship which has ended.


Nymphoplasty (or labiaplasty) is an operation which corrects cosmetic defects of the vaginal lips. When a woman wishes to correct the shape and/or size of the labia, she has to resort to nymphoplasty.
Labiaplasty (also known as labioplasty, labia minora reduction, and labial reduction) is a plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia minora (inner labia) and the labia majora (outer labia), the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva.


Penis lengthening

Lengthening phalloplasty consists of a partial section of a membrane (the suspensory ligament) connecting the penis to the pubis, combined with skin plasty.
About 2.7 cm in length is gained.
The result is only visible when the penis is flaccid. The surgical procedure does not alter the length of the corpora cavernosa which cause the erection.

Prices of Phalloplasty >>>

Penis thickening

Two techniques are possible :

  1. Either lipofilling : Fat is removed to be reinjected into the penis. The gain is 2.6 cm in circumference.
  2. Or penoplasty through a hyaluronic acid injection : The volumising product is injected directly beneath the skin. There is a thickening of the circumference of the penis of two to three centimetres.

The result is visible when the penis is both flaccid and erect.

Prices of Phalloplasty >>>

Testicle lift surgery

The scrotum is the bag of skin containing the testicles. It is naturally elastic and can be overly distended in some men, causing aesthetic and functional difficulties related to drooping testicles.
A scrotal lift must then be performed in order to reduce the excess skin and lift the testicles.
This procedure mainly concerns men who are at least fifty years old.

Prices for Intimate Surgery

Prices for Intimate Surgery >>>

For Women

Intimate surgery for Women
Surgery Anesthesia Hospital Stay Price
Vaginoplasty General Ambulatory 5000€ – 5800€
Labiaplasty / Labial reduction Local Ambulatory 2500€ – 2700€
Hymenorrhaphy or hymen
reconstruction surgery
Local Ambulatory 2500€

For Men

Intimate surgery for Men
Surgery Anesthesia Hospital Stay Price
Penis enlargement Local Ambulatory 4000€
Penis Enlargement and
Lengthening (Penoplastie 2D)
General 1 night 5500€
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