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Vaginoplasty is any number of genitoplasty surgical procedures done to the vagina, vulva or related structures.

Vaginoplasty is an procedure which involves strengthening the perineal muscles (pelvic floor muscles) to decrease the width of the vaginal opening.

Vaginal loosening is caused by the perineum getting weaker. It is a muscle that supports the entire weight of the upper body. It plays an important role in female sexuality, as it is its ability to contract which allows for sensations at the moment of penetration. It also ensures continence, that is to say the control of the urge to go to the toilet.

The perineum is particularly requested among overweight people and pregnant women in cases of vaginal delivery or after a poorly closed episiotomy.

In older women, a distended perineum can cause the bladder, uterus and rectum to drop (prolapse) in the longer-term. In fact, following the menopause, oestrogen levels decrease and the tissues lose their elasticity and no longer perform their role of supporting the organs as effectively.

In all of these cases, the only way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle is to perform vaginoplasty.

The vaginoplasty operation is carried out without hospitalisation under general anaesthetic and lasts about one hour.

It has three very distinct aims.

Tightening the pelvic floor muscles

If the levator anus muscles are weak, the surgeon will strengthen the tissues of the pelvic floor muscles between the vagina and anus so as to tighten the vaginal opening at the muscular level.

Narrowing the vaginal opening

Through vaginoplasty, the surgeon closes the vagina at the bottom so that its opening is narrower and positioned higher.

Vaginal rejuvenation

The surgeon removes fat from the patient and injects it into the walls of the vaginal mucosa in order to reduce the vaginal opening. Fat is living tissue made up of cells and requires a steady supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen. Lipofilling restores vitality and sensitivity to the vagina.

After the procedure

The patient can resume her daily activities on the fifth day after a vaginoplasty. She must abstain from having sexual intercourse for one month.


Vaginoplasty leads to improved sexual intercourse for the patient and her partner thanks to more intimate contact of the genital organs. It also eliminates the stressful problem of incontinence.

There is also a visual improvement as the vulva is better defined following the reduction of the vaginal opening.

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