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Otoplasty – correction of prominent ears


Otoplasty corrects protruding ears and other deformities which may be associated with them. It aims to reattach the ears permanently, symmetrically and naturally.


Ear surgery corrects :

  • Faults in the fold of the auricle, which lead to a lack of relief because the ear is not folded back on itself enough.
  • An excessive size of the concha, which increases the spacing of the ear in relation to the head.
  • Angle errors between the ear and the cranium, which cause an impression of detachment.

Otoplasty is one of the rare cosmetic procedures which can be performed on children as young as seven years old in case of protruding ears , but it is still very common in adults. It is usually carried out on both ears at the same time, but it can also only involve one ear.

How the procedure works

The otoplasty procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthetic as an outpatient and lasts about one hour. It is also possible to use a general anaesthetic at the patient’s request. In this case, they spend the night in the clinic.

The surgeon makes an incision in the back crease of the ear, leaving a small scar, which is totally invisible. Depending on the indication to be treated, he will :

  • Reshape the cartilage in order to redraw the normal relief or remove part of the overdeveloped cartilage.
  • Proceed to fold the upper part of the ear (the antihelix) and fill in the hollow part of the ear (the concha).
  • Remove the strip of excess skin to avoid creating a bulge. The incision is then sutured using a continuous absorbable suture.

The practitioner applies a dressing at the end of the procedure.

After the procedure

It is usually not very painful. The first dressing is removed after one or two days. The ears are then maintained and disguised by a headband, which is to be worn day and night for one to two weeks. They become swollen with bruising for two to three weeks.

It is normal for the ears to still be insensitive for a few weeks, which means that they have to be protected from cold and heat. It is recommended to avoid playing sports for one to two months.


Otoplasty recreates the natural folds of the ear, repositions the auricle against the cranium and corrects the shape of the lobes.

The result is obvious the day after the procedure, but it becomes permanent after three to six months. An alteration may be necessary.


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