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Calf implant surgery

  • Calf implant surgery involves inserting a solid, silicone shape into a pocket that overlies the calf muscle.
  • Calf implants for men are designed to create a bulkier, fuller-appearing calf muscle.
  • Calf implants for women are designed to create a more contoured, natural-looking leg.


Calf muscles which are too thin, commonly known as “matchstick legs”, are those whose muscles are constitutionally underdeveloped. Then there is an imbalance between the quite shapely thighs and the legs, which are too thin.

Three muscles sculpt the calf muscles and give them shape :

  • The gastrocnemius muscles: These are two superficial muscles, located on the inside and the outside of the calf, whose role is to extend the feet and which are slightly involved in bending the knee.
  • The soleus muscle: This is a deep muscle, which is partially covered in its upper part by the gastrocnemius muscles and is mainly used to maintain the body’s stability.

The calf muscles are very difficult to develop through playing sports. Therefore, the solution to restore well-tapered legs is to have implants.

For people who do not want to have surgery, it is also possible to have injections of highly volumising hyaluronic acid (Macrolane).

The implants consist of a smooth envelope filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel. They are very resistant and are designed to withstand the stresses that are exerted in that part of the body. There are implants in different shapes, oval or asymmetrical droplet-shaped, and lengths adapted


The patient has to lie down on their stomach during the operation. The surgeon makes a horizontal incision four to six centimetres long hidden in the flexion crease of the knee. The scars are therefore very discreet and virtually invisible.

The practitioner places the calf implant in a space under the muscles. He can put one to two implants in each calf muscle depending on the patient’s anatomy and the desired volume. He then does the stitches with absorbable sutures and places a modeling bandage on each leg.

to each patient’s anatomy.

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