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Iron step of genetics

Аутизм - гены и среда

Genetics is well known and there is no need to repeat it

Genetics is an experimental science. Achieve of experimental Sciences can be evaluate by their practical application. We make a small excursion on the applications of genetics.

1. Conventional medical practice.

The definition of the genetic structure (genetic code) of the patient did not become widespread and commonplace method of research yet. Where then the physician receives information about the predisposition of a patient to a particular genetic disease? From the patient.

“The father or mother was sick with heart disease?” – the doctor asks.
“No,” says the patient.
“A grandfather and grandmother?”- continues the doctor.
“I don’t remember” – responds patient. “I think there was something with the grandfather”.

The information search is over. You are automatically enrolled in a group of people with a high hereditary risk of cardiovascular disease.

2 Research work.

Genetics has shifted to multi-factor approaches of the origin of diseases.

Some of the factors according to their importance may be even higher than the genome (genetic code). Of these factors in the foreground is often environment: living conditions, quality of food and water, microflora of the throat or intestines etc.

As an illustration we present the results of one recent study: it shows that even the insights of big science (and genetics one of this) cannot be approached dogmatically.

For a long time it was thought that autism (a neurological disease that makes a child disabled because of the inability for social communication) is purely genetic, that is associated with defective genes. That’s right, if you combine the gene is the only factor that drives the development of the disease. “But why should he be the one?” – asks a scientist, not influenced by dogma. The group is “not dogmatic” was subjected to a thorough examination of about 14 thousand children with autism. It turned out that half of the children the disease is caused by disorders of intestinal flora (infection).

Close to the conclusion that autism can be treated non-genetic methods?

The research continues…

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