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Editing genes

Природный механизм защиты бактерий CRISPR/Cas9

In 2012, a group of molecular biologists led by Professor Jennifer Dudna studied at the University of Berkeley (USA, California) how bacteria are protected from a viral infection. During the research they discovered a natural mechanism of such protection: first the bacterium “hacks” the DNA of the virus, and then destroys the virus with the help of a special enzyme Cas9. The results of the study were published. The natural mechanism of protecting bacteria was called CRISPR / Cas9.

It has been shown that this primitive molecular mechanism can be used to interfere with the genetic code of any organism, including the human. In biology, a new section was called “Editing genes.” The CRISPR / Cas9 method has been used to grow giant ants, to grow exotic vegetables and fruits, some countries have begun to require the permission to use it on the human body, because the method promises new methods of treatment at the genetic level. Began to hear voices and against the thoughtless application of CRISPR / Cas9.

For example, in 2015, at the London Imperial College, a group of scientists led by Tony Nalan started a program for the Destruction of malaria mosquitoes. Blood-sucking peddlers are females, males are harmless. Using the method of CRISPR / Cas9, it is possible to make the male barren, and thus destroy all mosquito herds. But this will ruin the whole ecosystem!

We can assume that science is good for a person, provided that if one does not allow that its achievements become disastrous.

By the way, recently one of the nuclear power stations was officially closed in France. And also in favor of the ecosystem

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