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The Nobel Prize and the igNobel Prize

In October 2010, the Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to two scientists from Manchester, Great Britain: Andrei Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for the discovery and study of the finest carbon films (graphene). One of the winners, Andrei Geim, has already distinguished himself in science.

In 2000 he was awarded the IgNobel prize for “research of levitation of frogs in a magnetic field”. Game is a winner of two scientific awards. One of them is real. The reality is confirmed by an impressive amount, about 100,000 US dollars. The second – joking. For it you can get a medal cut from a foil, or clapping jaws on a stand.

IgNobel is a derivative of the English word IGNOBLE, which means “shameful”, in the Russian interpretation of igNobel turned into “Shnobel.” IgNobel prize is awarded since 1991, it is issued every fall for the most ridiculous and ridiculous research in the scientific field. This name was invented by a man named Marc Abrahams, the editor of the humorous magazine “Annals of incredible research”.

The award is presented at the leading US university – Harvard. Awarded a prize, dressed in clown clothes, laureates of these Nobel Prizes. Signed by 3 real winners is a certificate for “discovery”. A recipient of the award can give a thank-you speech of no more than 1 minute. Only after the names of IgNobel laureates become known, in Sweden the week of presenting the Nobel Prizes comes. The IgNobel Prizes, like the present ones, are awarded in physiology and medicine.

Here are the most interesting “studies” in recent years:
2016 : The IgNobel prize for medicine was given to the team of German scientists for the discovery: “If it itches on the left side of the body, itching can be healed by looking in the mirror and scratched the corresponding place on the right side of the body.”

2015: The IgNobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to a team of Japanese scientists who discovered that the exchange of saliva during a kiss reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

2014: The IgNobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of scientists from the Detroit Medical Center, USA: “Bleeding from the nose in infants should be stopped by thrusting strips of salted pork into the nostrils.”

2010: IgNobel Medical Award for the discovery that asthma can be treated with roller coaster rides.

2008: IgNobel Medical Award for showing that costly placebo medicines are more effective than placebo at lower cost.

In conclusion, one can say that it is more honorable to receive theIgNobel Prize, than the whole life is listed as a scientist and has no reward.

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