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Injecting Botox against perspiration

Инъекции Botox против потения

Botox is a product containing botulinum toxin which greatly reduces the activity of sweat glands producing sweat.     indications     Meeting     Suites     Results     Price Make an appointment online Contact us by email Injecting Botox against perspiration Indications: Excessive sweating Sweating is a natural phenomenon to keep the body at 37 degrees. But in some people sweat glands are overactive. Fortunately it is possible to mitigate this hyperhidrosis with Botox injection. Treating the armpits, palms and soles.   Make an appointment for a consultation injection of botulinum toxin   The course of the session The doctor begins by determining the most marked by perspiration zones. For this it uses betadine and, above, a starch powder will darken more intensely the places that sweat the most. On each location so identified, he will make a Botox injection. To avoid pain, the doctor applies a numbing cream half an hour before the meeting. For the feet, it is common to provide local anesthesia because the arch is a very sensitive area. Botox blocks the muscles that contract the sweat glands. The body therefore produces less sweat. Download the brochure on excessive sweating The suites There are simple bruising and slight swelling for a few hours after the session. The results The Botox injection can reduce or even eliminate completely the sweating. The treatment effect after seven to ten days for a result that lasts six months. Videos: Testimonials from our patients   Candice wants to prevent sweating under the armpits, “I am quite coquettish, and the day must get dressed with jackets or blouses. I do not particularly sweat. Simply, I am not immune to these unsightly rings on the fabrics I want to avoid absolutely. ”     Michelle excessively sweat on the palms, “It’s a pain every day to sweat, to pay attention, to shake a hand, to write, to have a blotter, putting hands on the jeans, to have a hand towel, to pay attention to every action. ” Anne-Laure wants to end the excessive sweating in the armpits, “I sweat when my days are charged, when I’m stressed and unfortunately for me, I do not always have the possibility to hide the sweating. There are colors and materials that I can not wear. So I do what I can, I put on jackets, I dressed in black but it starts to become unbearable. ”     Nabilla is bothered by the smell of his feet: “When I leave home after the shower, I’ll put shoes and the time to do some shopping that take me ten minutes, when I take off my shoes, I ‘ I odors. It’s unbearable ! “

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