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Biographies not boring reading: Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg.

is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Facebook. His net worth is estimated to be US $53.6 billion as of 2017, ranking him the 5th richest person in the world.

Born in 1984 in the suburbs of New York in a family of doctors, his father – a dentist, his mother – a psychologist. When he was 10, his father gave him a personal computer. This wonderful toy awakens first talent capable boy – an overwhelming desire to make computer programs. Someone (according to one version – the father, on the other – hired by the father of a tutor in computer science), introduces a boy with computer languages.

What had created the young man before Facebook?

1. In 1996, the young Zuckerberg creates its first Interactive product ZuckNet, allowing family members to communicate with each other and not to interfere with private dental practice of his father, organized on the ground floor of a private house (before all ran on a single flight of stairs to communicate with each other, before the nose of the patient’s father, his annoyed).

2. While still in school, in 2000, Zuckerberg wrote a computer program that determined the habits and preferences of the user to listen to music, and recommended more than other music, which was supposed to be like this user potdobno fact chtodelaet Zuckerberg This application was published in SlashDot and PC with surprisingly rated: 3 out of 5. Microsoft and AOL Zuckerberg made an offer of purchase Synapse + job offer, but he rejected the offer and placed his program on the Internet for free. He also rejected job offers from the two corporate giants, planning to come to Harvard.

3. In 2002, Zuckerberg began his studies at Harvard University in the Faculty of Psychology, which it absolutely was not interested. But he was willing to attend additional courses in computer technology, by which time he was already known as a “computer genius”. As the course of the project in the second year at Harvard, he developed CourseMatch, a program to help Harvard students to choose your courses at the beginning of each semester. CourseMatch shows the number of students enrolled in a particular course, and a list of those who signed up for the same course, which made it possible to know which courses are recorded other classmates before making a final choice.

4. Zuckerberg creates FaceMash – the university site, allowing to determine the cutest Harvard student by comparing photos. In one of the weekends site was launched, its success was so overwhelming that “fell” one of the servers. The site was closed by the leadership of Harvard four hours later, after numerous complaints from students who said that their photos were used in FaceMash without prior permission. This problem of Zuckerberg due FaceMash not the end, he was forced to apologize publicly, and there was an article about the “unacceptability of the idea of ​​such a site” in the student newspaper.

There is a path to future Facebook.

The close-knit student environment reinforces the idea Zuckerberg strengthen the spirit of dialogue with the computer. 2004 can be called historic in the history of Harvard. On the Internet there is a new website designed for communication among students at Harvard University. The site was called “The Facebook”. The users like it, other universities in Boston began to use the site, then other students from other universities in the US  joined this site.

In 2005, Zuckerberg had bought the domain name on the Internet, and the site was renamed Two room-mates work with Zuckerberg to create Facebook, an another Brazilian student, funds the project. However, Zuckerberg will remain the central figure. Why?

He has a talent turn ideas into money. In the same 2004, he left Harvard, did not complete their education.

Personal life

Mark Zuckerberg In the queue in a public toilet at a party at Harvard, Mark met Priscilla Chan. In 2012, they formalized the marriage after nine years romana.

Pristsilla Chan also was an outstanding woman, her biography can be read with equal interest. Numerous unsuccessful attempts to couple to have a baby finally been successful: in 2015, their daughter was born Maxima.

Zuckerberg – very modest people hesitate to give an interview, do not boast luxury, and in general, try as much as possible to spend time in the home, not in public.


In December 2015, Zuckerberg announced that he will donate most of his fortune to charity. “We give 99% of our shares with Facebook – now it is approximately $ 45 billion -. For our lives, to join many others to improve the world for the next generation” – billionaire wrote on his page to Facebook

September 21, 2016 by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced the launch of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative framework of a new project – Chan Zuckerberg Science. The project is aimed at combating various diseases, it will be for 10 years, spending $ 3 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg has invested $ 100 million in education: the organization of charter schools in Newark, that is, that is, those schools that have a right to develop its program. It allocated $ 120 million for 5 years of support of educational programs for low-income residents of the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco. Support 183 charter schools in California and Washington Summit Public Schools. Support small group of pilot schools AltSchool, to fully reveal the talents and hobbies of children.


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