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In this section we publish short and interesting biographies, scientific facts and other stories, related to medicine.

These articles are automatically translated from Russian by Google or Microsoft software. They may contain errors of vocabulary, syntax or grammar. The administrator of the site will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, and any damage resulting from incorrect translation of the content. If in doubt check the Russian release of the article.

Operations involving robot surgeons last longer and cost more

Two new studies have shown that for certain types of operations, the use of surgical robots may not be effective. Surgical robots are widely used for a variety of operations. They allow you to ...
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Iron step of genetics

Genetics is well known and there is no need to repeat it Genetics is an experimental science. Achieve of experimental Sciences can be evaluate by their practical application. We make a small ...
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Does Anti-Aging Cream Work

If you turn on your TV or open avy beauty magazine, odds are you'll come across an ad for the newest anti-aging cream, featuring models with impossibly smooth faces and long list of chemicals. ...
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2017 Beauty Price Index

The general trend on the prices of cosmetic surgery and procedures, 2017 compares the cost of breast augmentation, and 15 other cosmetic products and services, in 50 countries to reveal ...
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The Many Faces of liposuction

Classical invasive (surgical) liposuction Liposuction - this procedure is the removal of fat through its aspiration. The first mention of the removal of excess body fat by surgery refers to the 20 ...
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EarFold correction of prominent ears without surgery

EarFold - correction of prominent ears EarFold - simple and effective treatment for the correction of prominent ears. The earFold™ implant is then introduced under the skin of the ear through a ...
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Editing genes

In 2012, a group of molecular biologists led by Professor Jennifer Dudna studied at the University of Berkeley (USA, California) how bacteria are protected from a viral infection. During the research ...
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Benjamin Spock

For those who are interested by the term "doctor". Athlete, doctor, public figure - Benjamin Spock was born in 1903 in the United States. First he entered Yale University, where he improved in ...
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The Nobel Prize and the igNobel Prize

In October 2010, the Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to two scientists from Manchester, Great Britain: Andrei Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for the discovery and study of the finest carbon films ...
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International Day Against Noise

We live in a world of sounds. Unfortunately, not all sounds are useful and pleasant. Sounds are characterized by the general concept of "noise". A weak noise is harmless. A strong noise today is ...
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Gluttonous moth

At the end of April 2017, there was a message about a new discovery made by Spanish scientists, it was about the ability of a larva moth called Galleria mellonella to eat polyethylene. The discovery ...
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About Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is one of the essential substances for normal formation of connective and bones tissue.  It increases resistance to colds, promotes normal wound healing, increases ...
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