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Not only aesthetic surgeons are struggling with aging

Выход в космос

Today, with the aging of the first doctors fighting space, as is almost time for the mass migration to other planets.

What happens to the human body for longer stays in space, what happens to the bones and arteries?

Space physicians help, of course, the astronauts themselves. One of them, 38-year-old Frenchman Thomas Pesquet, Aeronautics Specialist, November 17, 2016 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome off with an international crew of 3 persons in flight around the Earth. They are all together spend 6 months on the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km above the Earth’s surface.

It is possible that after this flight medical instruments added a new miniature scanner that will allow vdet objects under the microscope is not as flat as usual, and in the spatial, 3D image, and, unusually clear!

The porous structure of the bone structure or “wear” of the blood vessel in the 3D image look absolutely fantastic!

On the space station astronauts lot of work, time is scheduled by the minute, but they still live there. Yes, rest, sleep, eat, talk. The author of this article once attended a conference with the French astronaut.

Very cute astronaut Jean Francois Klervua, a member of the three flights to the “Space Shuttle” ships, total duration – 28 days 3 hours 5 minutes 34 seconds, talked about his space flight. Video here. In 1985 he was selected to the detachment astronauts CNES and then took a course in Star City, before May 15, 1992 was admitted to the astronaut of ESA squad.
From 3 to November 14, 1994 Jean-Francois Klervua as a flight specialist for the first time rose into space aboard the space shuttle “Atlantis” on the STS-66 program. Flight duration was 10 days 22 hours 34 minutes.
The second flight, in which he took part, lasted from 15 to 24 May 1997. Klervua as a flight specialist aboard the space shuttle “Atlantis” on the STS-84 mission visited the space station “Mir”. Flight duration was 9 days 5 hours and 20 minutes.
His latest, third start as a specialist in the flight program was held at the Discovery STS-103, to carry out a mission to repair the space telescope “Hubble”. Flight duration was 7 days 23 hours 11 minutes 34 seconds.
Short, skinny showed slides and told and answered questions.

In general, he spoke of his mission to repair the Hubble on the ship Discovery.
For example, he said that in the cockpit cockpit about 1000 various switches and buttons. Everyone has a special fault logs, which lists all possible faults in the form of “if … then …”, written in the form of an algorithm.
The rocket with astronauts during takeoff eats 10 tons of fuel per second for 8.5 minutes, it is accelerated to a speed of 28,000 km / h.
During the flight of international crews there was a need to standardize the measurement system. All switched to the metric system and the Celsius. Curious nuance: still altitude is measured in feet, and only Russian measured it in meters.
Official flight languages – Russian and English.
Before you climb aboard the ship, the astronauts spend 200 – 300 “flying” in the simulator with a lot of difficult situations and breakdowns. Even in the suit are trained, but since it weighs 120 kg, it append to the ceiling.
At the sight of the Earth from space Klevua most struck by the fact that there is no smooth transition between the surface of the Earth and the black sky, that is an extremely thin layer of the atmosphere, from a height of 300 km, he sees no thicker than a sheet of paper. By the way, from this height horizon radius of 2,500 km, ie. E. The diameter of 5000 km of land visible area.
The flight plan for the astronauts on the painted every 5 minutes, that is, an astronaut in orbit knows what he will do after 5 minutes, and so on. Day, both on the ground – 24 hours sleep – 8 hours, although the actual biological rhythm is subject to approximately 35-hour cycle. Astronauts deceived helm on earth, turned off the lights and pretended to be asleep, while they themselves secretly, such as reading.
Before every flight – the quarantine not to fly sick and did not take with them any bacteria.

Interestingly, at the Earth from space photographs of some land areas, mostly coastal, gray in color – is concrete, the color of civilization. This was very clearly seen in images of Japan. And in general, the majority of the population lives along the shores of the seas and oceans, much less – in the interior of the continent.
The orbit of the spacecraft at launch in any case should not be run on the inhabited territory. Astronauts know that in the case of abnormal deviation from the desired orbit toward the inhabited area, the ship must be destroyed. Priority is given to life on earth, not astronauts.

Personal details.

To sleep is usually cling to anything and sleep on the pillow, the familiar feeling of pillows under the head helps to fall asleep, and that she had not flown in zero gravity, it is fixed to the forehead straps.

During operation, take a comfortable position, often, it is a fetus in a womb posture. If the person on earth will start drowsy, then at some point, the neck muscles are weakened, and under the influence of gravity head falls to one side and wakes up falling asleep. In weightlessness, if drowsiness occurs, nothing makes the head fall, twitch and wake up falling asleep, so it is very easy to fall asleep during the monotonous work, it is not aware of it the report.

The weightlessness is very easy to fall asleep during the monotonous work, it is not aware of it the report.

In space, the person grows a few centimeters (an average of 3 cm) due to the unfolding of the intervertebral discs. On the ground, the growth is restored.

The toilet for small needs is a complex structure with tubes for men. For women too, tube, but wider and more complex design it, with a special suction inside. Pogadit same at all difficult: the anus tightly applied to a specific port, and that it accurately hit has a security camera, ie, cocoa sees his anus on the monitor for precise positioning in the “toilet”.

The exceptional importance of strict integrity demonstrated by the following example. Once on the ship, there was a very unpleasant and strong odor. Long could not figure out why. It turned out that formed a tiny hole, its contents mixed with air and quickly rot, stinking disgusting in the container for saliva collection (for scientific purposes).

Rubbish is no longer released into space just as it did before. Now it destroyed in a special way and emit into the atmosphere over an uninhabited part of the ocean. To dust began to fall into the atmosphere, it is necessary to slow down the speed of its rotation in its orbit. Similarly, landing rocket, give her the direction of movement in the opposite direction and it starts to go down. Theoretically, once coming into orbit, the station should continue to run without additional effort. But in practice, even at an altitude of 300 km there are the remains of the atmosphere and space station slightly slows down. The ship has 44 small engine, operating on the principle of mixing two liquids used for the adjustment, orientation and connections, for example.

On one of the photos, we noticed that Jean-François clock on each hand. This he carried for convenience as it was necessary to monitor the 4 time frame: GMT time from the start and two more of some, I do not remember.

For environmentalists. Theoretically, even if cut down all the forests on the earth, that will be something to breathe in abundance, as the main supplier of oxygen – the ocean with his phytoplankton and other animals. The ocean is also a major sink for carbon dioxide. A crucial role in the ecosystem of corals. Coral reefs are called “rainforests of the sea”. They are home to one in four marine organism, and they play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of marine ecosystems. Coral reefs have existed for over 200 million years, are the oldest and highly productive ecosystem. One of the links:
site environmental organization “Te mana o te moana”

On the role of solar activity. At the points of the orbit with the maximum activity of the sun hung computers and had to restart. American astronauts went to the moon at the time of minimum solar activity, otherwise it is impossible to carry out the flight. Protect from solar radiation can, for example, a layer of water around the ship, or a layer of polyester.

Create the effect of weightlessness can be either in free fall or by the so-called parabolic flight on a special aircraft. In the latter case, the state of weightlessness lasting about 22 seconds.

About unidentified flying objects

here Jean Francois said that unidentified flying objects are exactly there, but no one knows what it is, then, they are unidentified objects.

Unidentified flying objects exactly there

This is what little of it was talking about the astronaut. You can read his book Jean-François Clervoy: “Histoire (s) d’Espace”, from which, of course, you can learn many interesting things.

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