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Do we need to popularize science?

Популяризация науки

Time makes obsolete many professions. I guess now it’s “unpleasant” time will affect the popularizers of science. Why?

Current advances in science (in engineering, biology, computer science, etc.) Are so complex that any attempt to bring them to the general public becomes impossible without gross distortion of fact, or, more simply, without vulgarization.

Meaning of the word “vulgarization” in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia: vulgarization (. From the Latin vulgaris – an ordinary, simple), over-simplified summary of any doctrine, concepts, distorting its essence; gross simplification, vulgarisation.

The most curious thing is that the Russian word “popularization” is translated into French “vulgarisation”, but the French language does not carry the negative connotation inherent in the word “vulgarization” in the Russian language.

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