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About personalized medicine

Расшифровка ваших генов

Personalized medicine is now in vogue in many countries, and in Russia too. This new direction, referring to biological genetics. There were centers of personalized medicine. Quite often offered genetic tests (often a saliva test material).

I tried to figure out what is personalized medicine. Her initial idea is quite noble: Based on human genetic data (genome) to talk about the risk of certain diseases, make a personal plan for health surveillance and directed personalized treatment. If a person is healthy, the pursued goal – to prevent the development of diseases associated with the genome, but if a person is sick, – the appointment of the best treatment and the most effective drugs (and even individual dose).

Naturally, the implementation of personalized medicine challenges requires:     decoding the genome,     rendering innumerable bonds of the genome – a disease gene -.. medicine, and so on and so forth..

All this is possible today thanks to a fantastic number of high-speed electronics and the tremendous work of programmers. “Appetite comes with eating” and the creators of personalized medicine began to link the gene not only health, but also with other parameters: the movement of the globe, lifestyle, family relationships, etc.

The number of data to be processed has increased dramatically, and this affected the reliability of the results. Now there was one unpleasant circumstance connected with carrying out costly tests: their return on investment.

Near the medicine was too many people who do not have any relation to it. The thought creeps in: instead of whether we are paying money for nothing, using the services of personalized medicine?

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