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About types of noses

исправить форму носа

There are many types of noses, and, surprisingly, many people do not like my nose!

If you want us to Paris to refine your nose, try to pre-determine what type it belongs:

“Straight nose”, “Roman nose”, “straight nose with the tip cut off”;
“Medium-sized nose with wide nostrils,” or “large nose with wide nostrils”;
“Flat nose”, “nose-bulb”, “fleshy nose”;
“Hooked nose”, “aquiline nose”;
“Snub nose”, “snub nose”;
“Drooping nose,” “hanging nose-beak”, “nose like Baba Yaga.”
There are numerous studies showing that type of nose is associated with the nature of man. It can serve as one of the reasons that motivate a person to alter the shape of your nose.

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