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Why do people go to Paris to do aesthetic surgery?

Эстетическая клиника, Франция

In my opinion, this is supported by three circumstances:

First, reputation surgeons doing these operations;

Secondly, many celebrities have done here aesthetic surgery;

Thirdly, you would like to see Paris.

This amazing diverse and multilingual city, which did not immediately meet the shape ‘ classical ‘ Frenchman: with a pale thin face, blue eyes and a hooked nose, with a scarf around his neck, and a long baguette bread, the famous baguette in hand. Amazing city, which, however, retains a purely French tradition: people do not interfere with each other, no matter how small the space in which they are located.

Amazing city, which is full of Russian names: Alexander III, Stalingrad, Malakhov, Gagarin and even Lenin.

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