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These articles are automatically translated from Russian by Google or Microsoft software. They may contain errors of vocabulary, syntax or grammar. The administrator of the site will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, and any damage resulting from incorrect translation of the content. If in doubt check the Russian release of the article.

3D result simulation

Read more >>>

Acne vulgaris


Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. Acne is characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and greasy skin, and may result in scarring. The resulting appearance can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem and, in extreme cases, depression or thoughts of suicide.
Genetics is thought to be the cause in 80% of cases. The role of diet and cigarette smoking is unclear and neither cleanliness nor sunlight appear to be involved. Acne primarily affects skin with a greater number of oil glands, including the face, upper part of the chest, and back. During puberty, in both sexes, acne is often brought on by an increase in androgens such as testosterone.[10] Excessive growth of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is normally present on the skin, is often involved.

Many treatment options are available to improve the appearance of acne, including lifestyle changes, procedures, and medications. Eating fewer simple carbohydrates like sugar may help. Topical azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid are commonly used treatments. Antibiotics and retinoids are available in both topical and oral formulations to treat acne. However, resistance to antibiotics may develop. A number of birth control pills may be useful for preventing acne in women. Oral isotretinoin is usually reserved for severe acne due to greater potential side effects. Early and aggressive treatment is advocated by some to lessen the overall long-term impact to individuals.

Suggested Solutions

Suggested Solutions

How to Get Rid of Acne



Angioma strawberry
Immature strawberry hemangioma is in the form of a protrusion shaped strawberry. Very common in infants, it disappears spontaneously to 18 months of the child.
Angioma plane
The mature angioma or angioma plan designates the classic wine stain. It extends with time, turn a darker color and is covered with raised nodules. This hemangioma treated by vascular laser.
The stellar angioma spider angioma is in the form of small red spots asteroid. It appears mainly on the face and extremities. It is favored by pregnancy. This hemangioma treated by laser.

Proposed Solutions

V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Read more >>> 

Atrophic vaginitis

Vaginal dryness, which in official medicine is called atrophic vaginitis, is an irritation caused by thinning of the walls and wrinkling of the vaginal tissues, and a decrease in the amount of natural lubricant released from them. One of the most common symptoms of the disease is the frequent urge to urinate.

MonaLisa Touch treats atrophy problems when vaginal tissues become dry and very sensitive at the time of menopause.



Treatment of warts

The wart is a small but unsightly skin tumors that can develop on the face, hands, fingers, genitals or underfoot. Caused by a virus, it is highly contagious.

Pectus Excavatum (cobbler's chest or funnel chest)


Pectus excavatum is a congenital deformity of the anterior thoracic wall in which the sternum and rib cage grow abnormally. This produces a caved-in or sunken appearance of the chest. It can either be present at birth or not develop until puberty.

Pectus excavatum is sometimes considered to be cosmetic; however, depending on the severity, it can impair cardiac and respiratory function and cause pain in the chest and back.

Proposed Solutions

Hyaluronic acid (HA) , a preparation for rejuvenation and restoration of volume – Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in human tissues. Our body produces about 5 grams of HA per day to update the skin. Read more
Lipofilling: use your own fat to add volume,filling of wrinkles, as well as serious facial modeling.
Operation lipofilling or lipomodelirovaniya is that the patient’s own fat is used for the face and body modeling (breasts, buttocks, labia, penis, etc.). This method is recommended for patients who, for one reason or another do not want to use implants or fillers. Read more

Restoration of virginity


Female virginity may either be defined solely according to the presence or absence of a hymen, or else according to more ambiguous, philosophical criteria.
The hymen’s a delicate membrane that separates girls from women.

Hymenorrhaphy, hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is the surgical restoration of the hymen. Hymenoplasty is not always carried out to prepare for a wedding. Sometimes, after a rape, women use this operation to erase the trauma and regain their physical integrity. Other women also see a reconstruction of the hymen as a way to turn the page after a relationship which has ended.


An ancient wedding ritual, east European Slavic, involves relatives of the bride and/or groom waiting to receive the bloody sheet on which the bride was “deflowered”, as “proof” of her former virginity (which would often be specified in the marriage contract).
In the West, awareness of hymen replacement surgery has led to criticisms of the procedure, on the grounds that it is medically unnecessary and contributes to pernicious social practices; alongside recognition that women’s reasons for undergoing it are not frivolous (as might be claimed of other forms of elective plastic surgery). Little, if any, concern has been expressed for the intended “victims” of virginity fraud. Muslim responses have questioned the motives of women undergoing the procedure, as well as of prospective grooms whose attitudes have made the procedure so prevalent.

Suggested solutions

Some hymen reconstruction operations are legal in some countries, while other countries ban all hymenorrhaphy.
In the United States of America, hymen restoration is available in private clinics and becoming more common.
In France, some of the cost is reimbursed by the state in cases of rape or trauma.

Gynecomastia in men


Gynecomastia in men – a small breasts in men.

The breast enlargement in men is caused by a hormonal imbalance that causes the appearance of small breasts visible.

At puberty, it is most often temporary, natural recovery of male hormones leading to spontaneous resorption of the mammary gland. By cons it is permanent in men around fifty because it is linked to decreased testosterone secretion.

When it becomes a problem in the life of every day, we must resort to breast reduction surgery

Proposed Solutions

Gynecomastia: it reduces the size of the mammary gland in man in case of excessive development. It is the ideal solution for anyone who often since adolescence, feel deep psychological discomfort or even a real complex because of the presence of small breasts visible.



Hyperhidrosis refers to the excessive activation of the sweat glands by heat, excitement, etc.

Hyperhidrosis usually starts at puberty and regresses after 40 years. It is most often limited to certain parts of the body like the armpits, palms, feet and face.

Suggested solutions

Breast Hypertrophy in women


The breast enlargement is due to excessive development of the breasts gland with or without excess fat. This phenomenon affects both women and men and causes physical and psychological impact everyday.
A strong chest in women 

Under the effect of gravity, chest tomb giving an impression of heaviness in the lower part of the breast and in vacuum the upper portion. In congenital or hormonal origin, it may appear at puberty or following pregnancy, significant weight changes or result of the natural aging process. 

The breast enlargement is frequently associated with a sagging chest called breast ptosis. 

A big breasts cause physical pain in the neck, shoulders or back, handicap in the practice of a sport, it causes difficulty dressing or get in swimsuit at the beach and it creates discomfort in privacy. 
A normal breast has an average volume of between 200 and 350 cubic centimeters. 
There are many gradations in breast enlargement: 
Medium: 400 to 600 cubic centimeters. 
Important Fairly: 600 to 800 cubic centimeters. 
Important: 800 to 1000 cubic centimeters. 
Very important: beyond 1000 cubic centimeters.

Proposed Solutions

Breast reduction: reducing exaggerated breast size and correct the sagging skin when the weight of the chest resulted in its collapse.

Hypertrophic labia

Size of the labia
There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes labia.
Aalways observed asymmetries in either length or width or thickness. One of the labia size problem can be embarrassing at the time of sexual intercourse or when the woman wears tight clothing.
Solution to reshape the labia
Nymphoplasty (or labiaplasty): it corrects cosmetic defects vaginal lips. The application focuses on women reduced hypertrophy of the labia minora.



Hirsutism is excessive body hair in women on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal, such as on the chin or chest. It refers to a male pattern of hair growth that may be a sign of a more serious medical condition, especially if it develops well after puberty.[citation needed] It can be caused by increased levels of androgen hormones. The amount and location of the hair is measured by a Ferriman-Gallwey score. It is different than hypertrichosis, which is excessive hair growth anywhere on the body.
Many women with unwanted hair seek methods of hair removal. However, the causes of the hair growth should be evaluated by a physician, who can conduct blood tests, pinpoint the specific origin of the abnormal hair growth, and advise on the treatment.
Suggested Solution: Laser hair removal

Double chin


Very often, the double chin is inherited. For such people there is a clear predisposition to the formation of double chin. The formation of folds under the chin also contributes to the emergence of excess weight. Double chin is well marked and palpable fat accumulation. As soon as he appeared, no exercise will not help to get rid of it. Although the loss of excess weight reduces the double chin, with age it tends to do not disappear, and resists the most severe diets.

Proposed Solutions

Classical chin liposuction or gentle liposuction successfully solve the problem of double chin.

For those who are not ready to surgical methods, it offers a variety of lasers to break down fat, as well as devices that use other physical effects on adipose tissue, for example, radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields, as well as deep freeze fat. Some of the methods are long, proving to be highly effective, some disappear, are replaced by others, in theory, more efficient or better advertised appliance manufacturer. In any case, every new method goes a long tested for safety and compliance with the strictest European and American standards, which is not an easy task. Concern for the safety of the patient is paramount. First – ‘Do no harm’, and the effectiveness of the method depends on the correct use, proper use of the device, the patient’s cooperation in the course of treatment, as well as the individual response of each patient to treatment.

How to remove  a double chin >>>

Do not forget to bookmark this page, because the list of procedures is constantly changing and replenished with the appearance of new chemical formulas, new devices, new methods.

Skin Examination

The balance sheet analysis face the signs of aging of the skin

A thorough skin surface and depth provides an overall picture of the health and appearance of skin. It can reveal the damage that can not be detected with a simple visual examination.

  • The signs of facial skin aging
  • The record face
  • Tests carried out
  • Measure wrinkles:
  • Analysis spots
  • Analyzes red spots
  • Analyzes UV damage Read more >>>

Make an appointment with a dermatologist

Make an appointment with a dermatologist +336 098 089 55




Spider veins are dilated skin forming under the skin of red or blue networks and located on the inside of the knees, thighs or ankles.
Spider veins are favored by pregnancy, hormonal status, overweight and certain working conditions.

Proposed Solutions

ND Yag -multifunctional laser having a wide range of indications. It is used for the processing of incoming capillaries, for smoothing wrinkles, tattoo removal and hair removal is very dark and black skin. Read more
Лазер V Beam: вы страдаете от розацеа, у вас ангиомы или эритроз – попробуйте лазер V-Beam, он избавит вас от комплексов и сделает вашу кожу гладкой и шелковистой. Читать далее

Beautiful smile


Harmony of smile

We correct all the little faults that harm the harmony smile and physiognomy of the face. 
Everything is possible: change the shape and size of too short teeth, too long, too narrow or too wide, hide a cracked tooth, broken, damaged surface, reduce visibility too exposed gums or correct the anterior teeth abnormally waste and shortened.

Proposed Solutions

Dental Veneers: These are very thin films that are put on the front of the teeth. They can restore a harmonious smile by changing the color, shape and alignment of teeth.


The erythrosis is manifested by redness associated with emotions appearing in spurts in the face.

The red appearance of the skin due to poor circulation of blood between the skin and inside the body, causing a dilation of blood vessels can become permanent.

Bow legs


Very thin legs may appear crooked and causing a lot of suffering of their owner. Often, this is the underdeveloped soft tissue on the inner surface of the tibia. This problem is called the the curvature of false leg.

Legs may appear as curves due to excessive accumulation of fat on the inner surface of the knee, which often occurs with age, or weight gain with a genetic predisposition.

Proposed Solutions

With very thin legs can be recommended setting of silicone shins prostheses, lipofilling or preparation based on hyaluronic acid “Macrolane”.

Get rid of unsightly fat clusters on the inner side of the knee can be with the help of liposuction

Dark circles under eyes


The bruises under his eyes are not painted, they give the face a tired, haggard look.

Why there are dark circles under the eyes and failures? There can be several.
The skin under the eyes is very thin and easily vulnerable.

  • Violations of blood circulation and lymph circulation contribute to the appearance of bruises under his eyes
  • In the process of natural aging of soft tissues of the face are lowered and the dips are formed under the eyes.


Variety of dark circles under the eyes:

Violet circles

Purple shadows under the eyes are associated with impaired blood circulation and appear mainly as a result of fatigue. The eyes are surrounded by a more or less noticeable dark circles purple hue.

Dark Shadows
Dark circles under the eyes yellow-brown shades are formed as a result of excess melanin. On the contour of the eye color is dark, turning into lighter shades of yellow or brown. Bruises under the eyes of this kind are usually hereditary, fairly common among the representatives of the eastern nationalities with dark skin.

Dips under the eyes.

Failures occur under the eyes due to the depletion of subcutaneous fat and its lowering and located on the edge of the orbit of the eye under the lower eyelid. They sometimes continue on to the cheeks, they were then called tear trough . The presence of failures does not exclude the presence of bags under the eyes

Proposed Solutions



Xanthelasma (or xanthelasma palpebrarum) is a sharply demarcated yellowish deposit of fat underneath the skin, usually on or around the eyelids. While they are neither harmful nor painful, these minor growths may be disfiguring and can be removed. They are common in people of Asian origin and those from the Mediterranean region.

Because of the hereditary component, they may or may not indicate high blood levels of cholesterol. Where there is no family history of xanthelasmata, they usually indicate high cholesterol and may correlate with a risk of atheromatous disease.

A xanthelasma may instead be referred to as a xanthoma when becoming larger and nodular, assuming tumorous proportions. Still, xanthelasma is often classified simply as a subtype of xanthoma

Suggested solutions

The CO2 laser is a laser whose gaseous medium consists of a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium. The CO2 laser can be used like a scalpel, in abrasive or heat mode, according to the indications to be treated.

The ultra-pulsed CO2 laser combines both high power and an extremely short pulse duration to carry out precise ablations without damaging the skin.

It restores the skin’s texture and tone, getting rid of all the imperfections deeply Read more >>>

Couperose (Rosacea)


Rosacea is a permanent dilation of small superficial veins on the face.
Rosacea gives a set of red lacing on the chin, the nose, forehead and cheeks. People with skin and light eyes are predisposed to the appearance of rosacea.

Proposed Solutions

Check-up of your skin for a detailed analysis of skin aging. Diagnosis from the skin surface layers to the deepest allows to make the overall “picture” of your skin, to assess the degree of health and identify problems that can not be seen with the naked eye. Read more
V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Читать далее

Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men is different. Due to the presence of male sex hormones, hair growth is stimulated. The number of sessions to completely remove hair on the face of unpredictable, hair may disappear after 6-8 sessions and continue to grow after 20 or 30 sessions. Sometimes, on the shoulders, back, paradoxical hair growth can be seen on the cheeks, as if, a laser, rather than to destroy hair follicles, promotes their appearance there at the site of treatment. This effect is more common in men with a slightly dark skin. In such cases it is necessary to maximize the processing capacity, if it allows the skin phototype.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal – an extremely effective procedure for the removal of unwanted hair forever! For the past few decades, the principle remains the same, the technique improved. If you have a correct medical indications the method always works flawlessly. What conditions must be met for this? Read more >>>

Drug - induced photosensitivity of the skin

List of the Drugs that increase the photosensitivity of the skin


Reports of photosensitivity reactions as a result of drug administration do occur, but we believe that these reactions have been reported to regulatory bodies with no indication of the wavelength of light that has been responsible.
Accurate data are lacking generally.

Phototoxicity generally results from exposure to UVA (315-400nm) radiation with some drugs showing sensitivity into the visible region of the spectrum up to about 460nm. For laser/ipl devices emitting wavelengths above 500nm there is very little likelihood of such a reaction for the vast majority of drugs.

Medications that Increase Sensitivity to Light >>>

Lipomastia / Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia is a common disorder of the endocrine system in which there is a non-cancerous increase in the size of male breast tissue.Most adolescent boys, up to 70%, have some breast development during puberty.

Signs and symptoms
The classic feature of gynecomastia is male breast enlargement with soft, compressible, and mobile subcutaneous chest tissue palpated under the areola of the nipple in contrast to softer fatty tissue. This enlargement may occur on one side or both. Dimpling of the skin and nipple retraction are not typical features of gynecomastia. Milky discharge from the nipple is also not a typical finding, but may be seen in a gynecomastic individual with a prolactin secreting tumor. Males with gynecomastia may appear anxious or stressed due to concerns about the possibility of having breast cancer.An increase in the diameter of the areola and asymmetry of chest tissue are other possible signs of gynecomastia.

Proposed Solutions

Face is getting old


Age-related changes are also deep facial structures: bone-muscle-fat.
Signs of aging become more apparent because of the thinning of the muscle and fat layers. The skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. In the hands, the face appear dips disappear inherent youthful elastic roundness of the cheeks, cheekbones, chin: facial features sharpened. Adipose tissue under gravity move downward person weighing it. Oval face shapes lose clarity.

Proposed Solutions

Excess skin


How to get rid of excess skin, for example after massive weight loss?
With age, the skin ages and loses elasticity and sags, especially noticeable and aesthetically unappealing on the hands on the hips, stomach…
What are the methods of firming and tightening sagging skin on the body?

At a relatively young age, the skin can completely or partially shrink. At a more mature age, and if you have a lot of “extra skin”, only a surgical operation for its excision can help you: the lifting of the thighs, arms, tummy tuck, face-lift, blepharoplasty…

Proposed Solutions

Protruding ears


Prominent ears are ears that are perceived as sticking out too far from the side of the head. Depending on the definition that is used, up to 1 in 20 people could be said to have prominent ears. In reality, most of these people have no issues with the appearance of their ears and some people may be bothered by the appearance of their ears even if their ears do not fall within the definitions. What is clear is that, regardless of the definitions, a sizeable percentage of people experience psychological distress because of the appearance of their ears. Children in particular may suffer from comments and teasing. Remarks such as “bat-ears”, “wing-nuts”, “FA-cup” are common and these can result in a significant loss of confidence.

Children who miss out on corrective surgery often become adults who are still insecure about the appearance of their ears. Women are usually able to cover their ears with long hair but then avoid wearing their hair up. This can be more difficult for men, who may avoid shorter haircuts to avoid revealing this feature of their appearance. Concerns about appearance are known to have a big impact on an individual’s day-to-day life. However, this does not have to be the case.

Prominent ear, otapostasis or bat ear is an abnormally protruding human ear. It may be unilateral or bilateral. The concha is large with poorly developed antihelix and scapha. It is the result of malformation of cartilage during primitive ear development in intrauterine life. The deformity can be corrected anytime after 6 years.

Proposed Solutions

The surgery is preferably done at the earliest in order to avoid psychological distress. Correction by otoplasty involves changing the shape of the ear cartilage so that the ear is brought closer to the side of the head. The skin is not removed, but the shape of the cartilage is altered. The surgery does not affect hearing. It is done for cosmetic purposes only.

EarFold – a new method for correcting droopy ears with minimal surgical intervention.

Small breast


Mammary hypotrophy is characterized by breasts too small compared to the morphology of women. 

Have a small chest often creates complicated because of a supposed lack of femininity and can lead to impaired self-confidence and a deep malaise. 

Types of small breasts

When can we talk about small breasts in women? 

The breast size in women is gradually increasing. In ten years, we are well past the 75C to 80D. According to experts, this is the way of life as a whole to this shift: feeding, early puberty, pesticides and other chemicals that cause endocrine deregulation but also overweight and obesity . 

This trend for a generous chest also affects the level of demand among surgeons: For twenty years, the average breast implant size was around 170 cubic centimeters while today it is between 250 and 350 cubic centimeters. 

The inadequacy or absence of chest can be very badly when the company promotes the conquering breasts. Thus, social networks, movie actresses and television with reality TV starlets strongly influence the youngest in the perception of femininity. 

Breast hypotrophie concerns two distinct situations: 

The breast hypoplasia The mammary gland was too little developed at puberty in relation to the size and build of the woman . 
The volume of the mammary gland decreased after pregnancy.

Breast aplasia. This is the total absence of female breast. This is due to a complete lack of development of the mammary gland.

Proposed Solutions

Solutions in case of mammary hypotrophy is breast prosthesis: it changes the size, shape and contour of the breasts when they are deemed too small or they are totally non-existent. Chest and found all its roundness. 

Breast Lipofilling: it involves injecting fat in the chest. It is becoming increasingly popular among women who do not wish to resort to artificial implants silicone gel.

Too small penis

A small penis or micropenis

Prominent chin


Prominent chin gives the face a strong-willed stubborn look heavier lower part of the face. In most cases it does not cause particular concern to men, but not very appreciated by the female half, preferring a small rounded and slightly pointed chin.

Proposed Solutions

Reducing genioplasty allows to adjust the shape of the too protruding chin.

Bags under your eyes


Bags under the eyes are the accumulation of fat and water, which are formed under the lower eyelids.
Often there is a family history, when there are bags under the eyes of a young man.
Bags under the eyes may occur due to aging, stress, fatigue from too fatty foods, tobacco or alcohol.

Proposed Solutions

Blepharoplasty – gives rejuvenating effect.

Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery is a very good anti-aging face. Correction of the upper eyelids eliminates the unpleasant problems such as the St. Bernard look tired, puffy and puffy eyelids. Read more

Facial wrinkles


Wrinkles – visible folds of skin resulting from excessive activity of facial muscles, loss of skin elasticity, firmness and other reasons.
The elasticity of the skin in the dermis contained attach the collagen fibers and elasticity – located between hyaluronic acid molecules. Wrinkles are caused by skin aging and due to weakening of elastic fibers. Wrinkles formed in the direction of the fibers and the the skin in the natural folds of the skin.

How to remove the wrinkles?

Types of wrikles

Repeated contraction of a certain group of muscles cause the skin to move, stretch, shrink and shrink, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Factors contributing to the early formation of wrinkles as smoking and the abuse of sun tan.
The methods of aesthetic medicine act on all types of wrinkles:

  • wrinkles on the forehead
  • wrinkles on the bridge of the nose
  • морщинки в уголках глаз (гусиные лапки)
  • wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • wrinkles on the cheeks
  • peribucal wrinkles (wrinkles on the upper lip, “the folds of bitterness” – drooping corners of the mouth)

How to remove the wrinkles

To smooth out fine wrinkles, reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, there are many methods. From homemade masks and care in the beauty salon to face lift surgery, including cosmetic medical procedures, such as injection, threads, different lasers and devices, and so on.
List of cosmetic methods used to remove the facial wrinkles you will find on this page.

Overhanging and Sagging Eyelids


When the skin of the upper eyelids stretched its excess forms folds, overhanging upper eyelids. Why is this happening? From lack of muscle function, lifting the upper eyelid.

Proposed Solutions

Blepharoplasty – gives rejuvenating effect. Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery is a very good anti-aging face. Correction of the upper eyelids eliminates the unpleasant problems such as the St. Bernard look tired, puffy and puffy eyelids. Read more

Plexr is an alternative to blepharoplasty for people who do not wish to resort to surgery. Plexr in Paris at Cosmetic Clinic Champs Elysees. Read more >>>

Thermage – non-invasive method of smoothing the skinMethod of exposure to radiofrequency skin: Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) heats the deep layers of the skin and improves the aspect of the skin begins to fade. Thermage strengthens tired skin, reduces started sagging and slightly smoothes the skin, reducing the effect of “orange peel”. Read more



Missing teeth: The causes of tooth loss

Bone loss in the jaw.  The root of the tooth does not communicate the chewing effort to the jaw bone. Therefore the jawbone tends to melt and the height of the crest of the gingiva decreases. 

Dental Migration. We talk about dental migration when a tooth changes position. Physiologically, the teeth still tend to migrate to the site of extraction. Due to the absence of a tooth, the adjacent teeth lie progressively. 

Decreased chewing ability. When a tooth missing, the remaining teeth are most stressed during chewing. This will result in fatigue and greater wear of the teeth. 

Proposed Solutions

Solution to replace one or more missing teeth 

Dental Implant: this is a titanium screw placed in the jaw bone which will serve to support a crown. The technique of implant dentistry is the perfect solution to replace one or more missing teeth with a very natural result.

Implantation is considered the best way to restore teeth, but, unfortunately, take advantage of this procedure can not all. The list of contraindications is quite impressive, and become familiar with them before you decide on this operation.

Unshapely nose


The shape of the nose is very important for the face harmony. Face, as a structure composed of interconnected elements. Changing the shape of the nose changes the aspect of the other parts of the face. Properly adjusted nose shape makes more open view, emphasizes the shape of the upper lip and sets the overall aesthetic balance of the face from the forehead to the chin. It is very important before surgery to understand exactly what he wants the patient and explain to him the consequences of the operation in detail.

Proposed Solutions

Rhinoplasty – plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose

Hyaluronic acid injections for correcting small errors in the form of nose without surgery.

Radiesse injections also used to correcting the shape of nose.

Ellanse is an injectable made from microspheres of polycaprolactone (PCL), a 100% absorbable polymer. It is intended to the Wrinkle Fillers and the treatment of losses of volume to the face. Read more >>>

Uneven teeth


Not everyone can shows a beautiful smile, opening a number of pearly white even teeth, which is undoubtedly one of the essential attributes of a successful modern man.

Uneven teeth line can be caused by many reasons.

  • Overlapping teeth. Teeth bump one another when the jaw is too small and not enough room to accommodate all normal grown teeth.
  • Rarely spaced teeth. The teeth can grow with large gaps between them, if they are too small, or jaw, abnormally large due to genetic problems, in case of shortage of one or more teeth, and if the language is too comes forward and presses on the teeth.
  • Anomalies in bite. For example, prognathic or distal occlusion, when the upper jaw is too developed or underdeveloped, or mesial bottom, or medial, bite, which occurs when the lower jaw protrudes significantly, lower teeth overlap the upper. This type of malocclusion is also called a reverse bite or lower prognathism. There are also other types of malocclusion, the most common cause is considered a genetic defect.

Proposed Solutions

  • Dental veneers have the form of thin plates of ceramic material (usually porcelain) or plastic. This facet is well visible defects covers the surface of teeth and give them an aesthetically attractive appearance.
  • Invisalign – a transparent soft mouthguards, which are used to correct the bite.

Muscles of the vagina

The vagina is a muscular conduit which is connected by muscles in the pelvic girdle.

This tangle of connective tissue structures and muscles of the pelvic floor is the support system to the uterus, bladder, and to a certain extent, also the colon (rectum). The descent of the vagina occurs when the tissue is not sufficiently supported. The upper vagina descends and then drives the rest of the vagina into the vaginal canal.

Breast ptosis


Why the breasts sags? 

Overweight. The extra kilos are distributed over the entire body, including the chest where fat can represent up to 80% of breast volume. The excess breast volume induced distension of the skin that can not properly fulfill its role envelope. Skin bag collapses with its content. 
The decrease in glandular tissue 
The upper breast then appears as emptied with a distended skin envelope with respect to the container. Hormones influence the size of the mammary gland primarily at the time of pregnancy and menopause. 
During pregnancy, the channels galactaphores develop for breastfeeding. After weaning the baby, the milk ducts and breast atrophy regains its normal size. 
At menopause, there is a decrease in glandular tissue replaced by adipose tissue. 

The sagging quality of skin plays a role. An elastic skin will diminish the importance of breast ptosis while a fragile skin no longer plays its role of supporting surrounding the breast. 

Proposed Solutions

Solution for treating breast ptosis 

Breast lift: it strengthens the chest when it subsides gradually because of sagging skin.



When overweight and obesity the medicine recommends diet, exercise, or in case of insufficient willpower, drastic methods, such as  installation of a gastric balloon.

In normal weight and the presence of localized fat on which is really very difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise, there are surgical and non-surgical methods of correction.

Proposed Solutions

As a surgical method the most known is a liposuction or a gentle liposuction.

For those who are not ready to surgical methods, it offers a variety of lasers to break down fat, as well as devices that use other physical effects on adipose tissue, for example, radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields, as well as deep freeze fat. Some of the methods are long, proving to be highly effective, some disappear, are replaced by others, in theory, more efficient or better advertised appliance manufacturer. In any case, every new method goes a long tested for safety and compliance with the strictest European and American standards, which is not an easy task. Concern for the safety of the patient is paramount. First – ‘Do no harm’, and the effectiveness of the method depends on the correct use, proper use of the device, the patient’s cooperation in the course of treatment, as well as the individual response of each patient to treatment.

Solutions that modern aesthetic medicine offers for the removal or destruction of excess fat >>>

Dark spots


Brown spots appear mainly in the case of prolonged sun exposure. But there may be other reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal disorders.

Read more about the anti- pigment methods>>>

Types of pigmentation

Senile age spots or senile lentigines: Brown spots appear mainly as a result of prolonged sun exposure. But there may be other reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal disorders.

Mask of pregnancy (melasma, chloasma): hyperpigmentation on the forehead, cheeks and sometimes on the abdomen or around the nipple. Often it occurs in the variability or in women taking birth control pills.

The spots “coffee with milk”: flat hyperpigmentation from beige to brown shades, roughly oval in shape, of different sizes, which is found in all parts of the body, in children and adults.

Proposed Solutions

It’s helpful to make a personalized diagnosis of the skin for a detailed analysis of the problems of aging skin and spots. Diagnosis of the skin from superficial layers to the deeper layers allows you to make a General “portrait” of your skin and assess its health and identify problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Specialists distinguish the following groups of methods for getting rid of pigmentation:

  • cosmetic products for use at home or in a beauty salon (creams, lotions, scrubs, light peels, etc.)
  • Medical peelings of different intensity, the procedure is performed only by a dermatologist.
  • Hardware methods for reducing age spots, lasers, phototherapy, and other

Read more about each of the methods>>>

Flat or inverted nipple


According to recent studies nipples intussusception observed in 2% of women and 50% of it is innate. In other cases, the cause is trauma and the effects of different surgical procedures on his chest. This deformation affects 10% of women. It can contribute to the emergence of complexes creates difficulties in feeding.

Different degrees of  inverted nipple

Nipple is a hole in the center of the breast areola which allows the milk to go through the milk ducts after pregnancy when the baby feeding. When these channels are too short, or twisted, the nipple is drawn into the chest. There are different degrees of inverted nipples.

  • 1 degree: Nipples protrude when cold, they can be easily pulled, and they remain in this state for some time .
  • 2 level: The nipples can be pulled out of his chest, holding her fingers and pulling. This removing the nipple using manual techniques more difficult and nipples very quickly inverted
  • 3 degree: Pacifiers are always drawn, removing the nipple is only possible with the help of special tools and can not be manually . In step 1 and 2, you can use the Niplette method. This device is in the form of a large thimble, pull the nipple, creating a negative pressure. After several weeks of continuous use, the nipple gets properly and remains so. Ideal for women who are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding. However, if a woman has a set of aesthetic, it can do an operation to release the nipple forever. In step 3, the operation is necessary, as the cause of inverted nipples is a shortening of the milk ducts and fibrous septa, hypoplasia of the connective tissue under the nipple and underdevelopment NAO muscles.

In other cases, intussusception nipple may be due to various diseases.

Proposed Solutions

Unpacking nipples: it releases the nipples back in the mammary areola.

Staining of teeth


White teeth are an undeniable asset in the social and professional life 

A bright smile helps to have confidence. Having yellow teeth is often regarded as a lack of hygiene and a sign of ill health

The causes staining of teeth 
Tooth staining can have several causes.

Coloring internal teeth 
The tooth structure changes with age and the color change occurs in a physiological way with aging. Dentin, ivory-like substance beneath the enamel, also darkens with time.

Coloring external teeth 
The natural color of teeth changes over time by deposition of various coloring agents such as certain food substances (coffee, tea, red wine, etc.), tobacco. External dyes tend to penetrate deeper into the tooth over time.

Accidental teeth staining
The ingestion of certain drugs during childhood or pregnancy can cause abnormalities at the time of tooth formation.

Proposed Solutions

Solutions to treat tooth staining 
Dental Veneers: These are very thin films that are put on the front of the teeth. They can restore a harmonious smile by changing the color, shape and alignment of teeth.

Teeth whitening: it allows everyone to find a bright smile. Having white teeth is an asset increasingly important in social relationships. With teeth whitening with Zoom lamp, you give it back in one sitting once whiteness to your teeth.

Sensual lips


  • The loss of volume and shape of the lips with age
  • Thin and inexpressive lips in people of any age
  • Asymmetry and disturbed the harmonious proportions of the lips
  • Wrinkles around the lips and in the field of “white bead”

What can be changed?

  • Re-draw the “arch of Cupid” (so-called “heart”)
  • Adjust the bending of the upper lip
  • Adjust zone Filtrum: so called area of the skin of the upper lip below the nasal septum, filtrum formed by two vertically spaced elevations – Filtrum column – and the valley between them – “Cupid’s bow”
  • Clearly outline the contour of the lips, make it more convex
  • Increase the volume of the lips, or to harmonize the amount of the upper and lower lips
  • Visually correct asymmetry of the lips

Proposed Solutions

Hyaluronic acid (HA) , a preparation for rejuvenation and restoration of volume – Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in human tissues. Our body produces about 5 grams of HA per day to update the skin. Read more

Surgical correction of lip shape: required strict indications, details of the operation – during a consultation with a surgeon.

  • A specialist of aesthetic medicine – not just a doctor with the necessary medical skills, he should well know not only anatomy, but to feel the harmony, to understand the geometry of the structure of the face and have a good aesthetic taste.
  • There are many nuances, which we should always remember, for example, older people are not recommended to enter a large amount of filler in the lower lip, as this may result in an eversion, sagging due to decreased muscle tone.

Stretch marks


Stretch marks are skin streaks appearing after a distension of the skin.

Stretch marks are accompanied by a significant loss of skin elasticity. Initially, stretch marks are slightly raised and red and then take a whitish appearance. Those most exposed to stretch marks are those whose skin is low in collagen.

Proposed Solutions

Rejulight – LED laser is the latest generation of . This device uses a monochrome light emission produced by the LED (Light Emitting Diode) to stimulate cellular activity. The skin naturally regenerated. Rejulight – LED laser is used to remove small defects and improving the quality of the skin as well as scalp. Read more

Venus Viva – an innovative solution for facial rejuvenation . Venus Viva – a device for facial rejuvenation, uses the principle of fractional thermolysis using different radio frequency waves. The device uses patented technology to the skin. Read more
V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Читать далее

Enlarged pores

Enlarged pores

Why pores enlarge, and how to deal with it?

Secretion of the sebaceous glands is almost completely dependent on hormones. In normal operation of the endocrine glands, skin fat in the right amount freely enters through the pores on the surface of the skin. Fat performs a protective function, protecting the skin from dehydration and from the aggressive effects of the external environment.

If there are problems in the endocrine system, the functioning of the sebaceous glands is disrupted, and they produce too much fat. Surplus is mixed with dead skin cells, “clogs” the pores and prevents the secreted skin fat from freely pouring onto the surface of the skin. As a result, the pores increase, acne appears.

  • If you have an acne and pores are dilated, then you should first turn to the endocrinologist. Correct correction of the disturbed hormonal imbalance should significantly improve the condition of your skin.
  • Do not neglect daily skin care, oily skin with dilated pores in need of special care. It is necessary scrupulously to consistently exclude all creams, masks, scrubs, etc., which you do not fit, and leave only those that improve the skin condition. Do not overdry the skin! Use exfoliating agents, creams with retinol, tonics and masks, especially clay.
  • In order for the skin to be beautiful, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, eliminating forever from the diet, too fat, spicy, sweet, smoked food. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits.
  • And, finally, aesthetic medicine has an impressive arsenal of medical cosmetic procedures for narrowing extended pores and fighting acne.

Medical techniques

A list of medical procedures for narrowing pores and fighting acne is given below. Do not forget to bookmark this page, because the list of procedures is constantly changing and replenished with the appearance of new chemical formulas, new devices, new methods.

Proposed methods for combating enlarged pores and acne >>>


Tattoo Removal


The possibility of tattoo removal vary depending on the tattoo colour and used pigments.

Tattoo is a drawing embossed under the skin with indelible ink.

Under the skin type colouring matter (pigment). After wound healing, the resulting tattoo, pigment emerges through the skin. Ink entered with a needle between the dermis and the epidermis. The depth of the tattoo varies depending on the type of skin and body parts (from 1 to 4 mm).

By far the most effective and painless method of tattoo removal is a laser. Lasers for tattoo removal are manufactured by different companies and are different from each other, but the basic principles remain: either the laser burns the tattoo with the top layer of the epidermis or the principle of selective photo activation.

Methods of tattoo removal

On such barbaric methods as a mechanical polishing cutter, burning laser and plasma coagulators, excision – we will not speak.

Sometimes for getting rid of used tattoo camo, when the tattoo is not removed, but in its place is put a different, the most similar in colour to skin colour, typically used for small tattoos, but often the result is far from perfect and the surface of the skin looks unnatural.

Cryosurgery is produced by deep freezing with liquid nitrogen the area of tattoo that you need to withdraw, and then remove the top layer of the epidermis. The method is painful, requires permanent local anaesthesia, it is sometimes possible to avoid almost any scars in place of natural tattoos.

If you want to have smooth skin without any traces of remote tattoos, the best method remains – your brain: think 10 times before you apply the tattoo, this whim may hurt your career or personal life.

Lasers for tattoo removal >>>

Receding chin


Receding chin is often associated with a weak will and indecision. Often sloping chin meets a long nose or aquiline nose. In any case, if the patient, this problem gives the psychological discomfort, it is easy to fix and restore balance and harmony to the facial proportions allowing patient long-term facilities in this regard.

Proposed Solutions

To change the shape of the chin plastic surgery is carried out under the name genioplasty (mentoplasty, chin plastic). In most cases it is sufficient to establish a special silicone prosthesis for correction sloping chin. If the defect is not emphasized too much, it is possible to fix the the hyaluronic acid injections or Radiesse, and lipofilling.

For optimal results, often carried out two joint operations: genioplasty and rhinoplasty.

Neck wrinkles



The skin on the neck often gives out before the whole age. Why? Because in this region is almost no fat, the skin is thin, low in sebaceous glands and therefore more dehydrated. The blood circulates more slowly, the skin worse provided with food, quickly grow old.

  • In contrast to the horizontal wrinkles, the so-called “ring of Venus”, which occur even in young, with age appear on the neck “bands” or in common – “turkey neck”, especially in very thin people. Subcutaneous neck muscle – platysma with age loses elasticity, the edge of the muscle in the midline gradually diverge and neck longitudinal strands are formed ( “turkey neck”), also increases the neck-chin angle when it becomes greater than 120 degrees, it already looks unsightly. Bifurcated edge of the neck muscles are particularly well seen in lean people with a voltage of the neck muscles and a moderate turn of the head.
  • With age, especially if you have large variations in weight, in the presence of hereditary factors, and even when poor posture becomes noticeable sagging skin under the chin and on the neck. This double chin may be hanging in flabby folds, or to be filled with grease. In this case, only a surgery can helps: cervicoplasty, neck and face lift,  elimination of excess skin and fat on the neck and chin, greatly improves the appearance.

How to rejuvenate the neck? About surgical, non-surgical and medical devices read on the page: “What to do with a sagging neck?”

Proposed Solutions

Botox injections, cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, elimination of excess skin and fat on the neck and chin, Fraxel, Thermage, ultrasound, and other methods: how to make the right choice, considering medical indications and contraindications? About the methods of neck rejuvenation, see “What to do with a sagging neck?”


Plump cheeks (buccal fat pad)


The buccal fat pad (also called Bichat’s fat pad, after Marie François Xavier Bichat, and the buccal pad of fat), is one of several encapsulated fat masses in the cheek. The Buccal fat pad is commonly used in facial recontouring.

Some patients find their cheeks are too puffy, very often we see this in young girls under the influence of modern imaging depleted models with angular features, prominent cheekbones and sunken cheeks.
Located under the cheekbones, fat buccal fat pad attached to the form of swelling on the cheeks, increase the volume of the lower face and sagging with age, forming nasolabial folds and fuzzy oval face. Diet and exercise have no effect on their aspect.

Proposed Solutions

Removal of the buccal fat pad is also sometimes used to reduce cheek prominence. Attitude to the operation the surgeons ambiguous: buccal fat pad have a very small volume, their removal in patients with a relatively plump person does not lead to visible results. In addition to the age of subcutaneous fat in the face thins by itself, and after surgery to remove the buccal fat pad, such a person becomes tired old look. However, in some cases, the result of removing the buccal fat pad is quite satisfactory, it is important to adhere to the correct indications for this operation

Several authors discuss the importance of the buccal fat pad in attaining good results from a facelift.

Moisturizers for dry skin

Сoming soon

Aging and sagging skin


The years do not pass without a trace of any facial or body. Oval face sag, there are “flews” stretched skin on the neck and chin. Women of mature age start to avoid wearing sleeveless dresses, unashamedly ugly dangling skin on the back of hands. Pregnancy sometimes stomach turn even skinny women hanging apron. Inner thighs wrinkled and hangs drapery. Alas, time is relentless. Why the skin loses its elasticity?
Yes, with age our skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby. Updating the cells slows down, weakening fibroblasts (skin cells that produce collagen and elastin). First of all, sag is related to the weakening of the muscle tissue after it is stretched and the skin is formed and the surplus, as a result, sagging and sagging skin.
How can we slow down the aging process or to pick up already sagging skin?

Proposed Solutions

Reduce a Big Tummy

Big belly can be caused by various reasons.

Of course, overweight, in which the abdomen accumulates a large amount of fat is subcutaneous and internal (visceral). This kind of fat is more dangerous and more difficult to beat him. At the moment, there is no even a surgery that would help deal with it. Suggested solution for subcutaneous  fat – liposuction.

Big belly may appear with poor muscle structure of men and women, the muscles are simply unable to hold the abdominal organs, and stomach is bulged even with a thin layer of fat.

Women may have large distended abdomen after childbirth, it can even hang in the form of an apron. Suggested solution – abdominoplasty.

The abdomen may be convex due to improper posture, exercises to strengthen the press, back and buttocks eliminate this problem.

Finally, on the abdomen can accumulate a sufficient amount of localized fat in normal weight and even in lean patients. Suggested solutions: Lapex laser, Venus Legacy , CoolSculpting or gentle liposuction


Cellulitis is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue forming dents. It is often accompanied by pain and circulatory disturbances.

Cellulite is due to several causes that may be associated: heredity, excessive caloric intake, water retention.

Types of cellulite

Types of cellulite

The different types of cellulite

Cellulite occurs at puberty; it is then closed and sensitive skin becoming red and grainy on the thighs and buttocks. Between 25 and 50 years, it becomes soft and flabby, subcutaneous balls appear and are increasing, the skin takes on a more dimpled orange peel said.
cellulite fat
Standing and lying, the skin is smooth. The orange peel appearance occurs when the skin is pinched.
fibrous cellulite
Standing the skin has irregularities (dimpled), coated skin care appear smooth. Palpation is difficult and often painful.
cellulite edematous
Tissue irregularities are found standing and lying. It is characterized by water retention. One feels greasy nodules in deep palpation and after palpation white marks appear in the location of the fingers. Muscle tone is reduced.

Suggested solutions

Suggested solutions

Solutions to eliminate cellulite Lapex: you have tried all the miracle creams for cellulite but in vain.

Discover the Lapex laser! In only a few sessions, this treatment will eliminate your cellulite.

Thermage: Thermage radiofrequency waves CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) heat the deeper layers of the skin to treat mild sagging skin or smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Venus Legacy is the first device to combine the multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. This unique technology allows to offer non-invasive treatments and without pain in reshaping the face, neck and body.

Velashape: A synergy of infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency treats cellulite (orange peel) and improves skin quality.

Universkin: customized serums that help the skin to rebalance its natural defenses to repair and prevent its dysfunctions.

Cellfina: acts directly on adipose and changes the underlying structure of cellulite.

Wide hips


Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body.


Acne scars 

Simple red acne scars without relief usually disappear within 1 or 2 years. They are due to an influx of blood vessels in the skin during inflammation associated with acne pimple. Wide acne scars and round in relief, with a depression simulating a flat-bottomed crater and small acne scars give the impression that the skin was pricked by a sharp instrument.

Hypertrophic scar

Hypertrophic scar forms because the wound is exposed to foreign particles during the healing phase. It is generally limited to the traumatized area without extending beyond and resolves spontaneously. Hypertrophic scar is characterized by an overproduction of collagen tissue which connects all the fibers of the skin to re-weave the assembly.  The evolution of hypertrophic scars lasts about a year. During the first 20 days, the scar is beautiful, linear, more or less fine. After 2 to 3 months, the scar becomes hard, red, slightly hypertrophic and may itch. Between 6 months and 1 year, is the regression step. Scar tissue forms in right quantity and the wound.

Keloid scar

There keloid scar when the scar remains after 18 months. Keloid scar generally tends to extend to surrounding healthy tissue. Keloids primarily affect young people, people of dark skin and body parts such as the sternum area, shoulders, earlobes and the lower part of the face.  To treat a keloid scar, one first destroys the blood vessels to prevent vascularization of the protuberance that develops at the site of the scar. Then, once that the blood can no longer is flattened to reduce scar and the skin is regenerated. Keloid scar gives way to a soft scar, white, insensitive, linear, stable and definitive.

Proposed Solutions

CO² laser for laser skin resurfacing stimulates the formation of collagen. Time has not spared your skin, there were some scars, blemishes, wrinkles … Give your skin a new life with CO² laser Read more

laser Fraxel – A revolutionary breakthrough for the rejuvenation of aging and damaged skin Fraxel smoothes the skin, eliminating the small errors (stains, pores, wrinkles …), skin looks clean, fresh and rejuvenated. Unique Dual Restore, used in Fraxel laser acts equally effectively on both the surface and the deep layers of the skin, without anesthesia, with virtually no trace of the procedure. Read more

Peel for renewal and rejuvenation of the skin and get rid of small defects. Peel used to happen naturally updating the epidermis and dermis as a result of certain chemical on the skin. The depth of peeling depends on the extent of the problem to be treated. Read more

Quadralase – laser for smoothing the surface of the skin. You want to have a “new” skin without blemishes and scars? Try Quadralase laser, and you’ll be amazed at the result. Read more
Rejulight – LED laser is the latest generation of . This device uses a monochrome light emission produced by the LED (Light Emitting Diode) to stimulate cellular activity. The skin naturally regenerated. Rejulight – LED laser is used to remove small defects and improving the quality of the skin as well as scalp. Read more

Epilation intimate areas

Removal of unwanted hair by laser in the intimate parts of the body, such as underarms, bikini (including the inner surface of the labia), anus, and penis and scrotum in men does not pose any health hazards. The depth of penetration the laser – about 6 mm, which excludes damage to internal organs.

Dark skin hair removal

Alexandrit types of lasers can be processed phototypes I-III, and with great care Phototype III- IV.
A recent tan is a contraindication for laser hair removal. Avoid sunlight and solarium 6-8 weeks before the expected session of laser hair removal.
For hair removal is very dark and black skin (phototypes IV-VI) used NdYAG laser.



The erythrose is manifested by redness associated with emotions appearing in spurts in the face. 
The red appearance of the skin due to poor circulation of blood between the skin and inside the body, causing a dilation of blood vessels can become permanent.

Proposed Solutions

CODAGE Paris – a unique solution for every skin type . This is a modern cosmetics brand that develops products, “smart” nourish the skin. Read more
V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Читать далее

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