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Gynecomastia in men


Gynecomastia in men – a small breasts in men.

The breast enlargement in men is caused by a hormonal imbalance that causes the appearance of small breasts visible.

At puberty, it is most often temporary, natural recovery of male hormones leading to spontaneous resorption of the mammary gland. By cons it is permanent in men around fifty because it is linked to decreased testosterone secretion.

When it becomes a problem in the life of every day, we must resort to breast reduction surgery

Proposed Solutions

Gynecomastia: it reduces the size of the mammary gland in man in case of excessive development. It is the ideal solution for anyone who often since adolescence, feel deep psychological discomfort or even a real complex because of the presence of small breasts visible.

Breast Hypertrophy in women


The breast enlargement is due to excessive development of the breasts gland with or without excess fat. This phenomenon affects both women and men and causes physical and psychological impact everyday.
A strong chest in women 

Under the effect of gravity, chest tomb giving an impression of heaviness in the lower part of the breast and in vacuum the upper portion. In congenital or hormonal origin, it may appear at puberty or following pregnancy, significant weight changes or result of the natural aging process. 

The breast enlargement is frequently associated with a sagging chest called breast ptosis. 

A big breasts cause physical pain in the neck, shoulders or back, handicap in the practice of a sport, it causes difficulty dressing or get in swimsuit at the beach and it creates discomfort in privacy. 
A normal breast has an average volume of between 200 and 350 cubic centimeters. 
There are many gradations in breast enlargement: 
Medium: 400 to 600 cubic centimeters. 
Important Fairly: 600 to 800 cubic centimeters. 
Important: 800 to 1000 cubic centimeters. 
Very important: beyond 1000 cubic centimeters.

Proposed Solutions

Breast reduction: reducing exaggerated breast size and correct the sagging skin when the weight of the chest resulted in its collapse.

Small breast


Mammary hypotrophy is characterized by breasts too small compared to the morphology of women. 

Have a small chest often creates complicated because of a supposed lack of femininity and can lead to impaired self-confidence and a deep malaise. 

Types of small breasts

When can we talk about small breasts in women? 

The breast size in women is gradually increasing. In ten years, we are well past the 75C to 80D. According to experts, this is the way of life as a whole to this shift: feeding, early puberty, pesticides and other chemicals that cause endocrine deregulation but also overweight and obesity . 

This trend for a generous chest also affects the level of demand among surgeons: For twenty years, the average breast implant size was around 170 cubic centimeters while today it is between 250 and 350 cubic centimeters. 

The inadequacy or absence of chest can be very badly when the company promotes the conquering breasts. Thus, social networks, movie actresses and television with reality TV starlets strongly influence the youngest in the perception of femininity. 

Breast hypotrophie concerns two distinct situations: 

The breast hypoplasia The mammary gland was too little developed at puberty in relation to the size and build of the woman . 
The volume of the mammary gland decreased after pregnancy.

Breast aplasia. This is the total absence of female breast. This is due to a complete lack of development of the mammary gland.

Proposed Solutions

Solutions in case of mammary hypotrophy is breast prosthesis: it changes the size, shape and contour of the breasts when they are deemed too small or they are totally non-existent. Chest and found all its roundness. 

Breast Lipofilling: it involves injecting fat in the chest. It is becoming increasingly popular among women who do not wish to resort to artificial implants silicone gel.

Breast ptosis


Why the breasts sags? 

Overweight. The extra kilos are distributed over the entire body, including the chest where fat can represent up to 80% of breast volume. The excess breast volume induced distension of the skin that can not properly fulfill its role envelope. Skin bag collapses with its content. 
The decrease in glandular tissue 
The upper breast then appears as emptied with a distended skin envelope with respect to the container. Hormones influence the size of the mammary gland primarily at the time of pregnancy and menopause. 
During pregnancy, the channels galactaphores develop for breastfeeding. After weaning the baby, the milk ducts and breast atrophy regains its normal size. 
At menopause, there is a decrease in glandular tissue replaced by adipose tissue. 

The sagging quality of skin plays a role. An elastic skin will diminish the importance of breast ptosis while a fragile skin no longer plays its role of supporting surrounding the breast. 

Proposed Solutions

Solution for treating breast ptosis 

Breast lift: it strengthens the chest when it subsides gradually because of sagging skin.

Flat or inverted nipple


According to recent studies nipples intussusception observed in 2% of women and 50% of it is innate. In other cases, the cause is trauma and the effects of different surgical procedures on his chest. This deformation affects 10% of women. It can contribute to the emergence of complexes creates difficulties in feeding.

Different degrees of  inverted nipple

Nipple is a hole in the center of the breast areola which allows the milk to go through the milk ducts after pregnancy when the baby feeding. When these channels are too short, or twisted, the nipple is drawn into the chest. There are different degrees of inverted nipples.

  • 1 degree: Nipples protrude when cold, they can be easily pulled, and they remain in this state for some time .
  • 2 level: The nipples can be pulled out of his chest, holding her fingers and pulling. This removing the nipple using manual techniques more difficult and nipples very quickly inverted
  • 3 degree: Pacifiers are always drawn, removing the nipple is only possible with the help of special tools and can not be manually . In step 1 and 2, you can use the Niplette method. This device is in the form of a large thimble, pull the nipple, creating a negative pressure. After several weeks of continuous use, the nipple gets properly and remains so. Ideal for women who are experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding. However, if a woman has a set of aesthetic, it can do an operation to release the nipple forever. In step 3, the operation is necessary, as the cause of inverted nipples is a shortening of the milk ducts and fibrous septa, hypoplasia of the connective tissue under the nipple and underdevelopment NAO muscles.

In other cases, intussusception nipple may be due to various diseases.

Proposed Solutions

Unpacking nipples: it releases the nipples back in the mammary areola.

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