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Acne vulgaris


Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. Acne is characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and greasy skin, and may result in scarring. The resulting appearance can lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem and, in extreme cases, depression or thoughts of suicide.
Genetics is thought to be the cause in 80% of cases. The role of diet and cigarette smoking is unclear and neither cleanliness nor sunlight appear to be involved. Acne primarily affects skin with a greater number of oil glands, including the face, upper part of the chest, and back. During puberty, in both sexes, acne is often brought on by an increase in androgens such as testosterone.[10] Excessive growth of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is normally present on the skin, is often involved.

Many treatment options are available to improve the appearance of acne, including lifestyle changes, procedures, and medications. Eating fewer simple carbohydrates like sugar may help. Topical azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid are commonly used treatments. Antibiotics and retinoids are available in both topical and oral formulations to treat acne. However, resistance to antibiotics may develop. A number of birth control pills may be useful for preventing acne in women. Oral isotretinoin is usually reserved for severe acne due to greater potential side effects. Early and aggressive treatment is advocated by some to lessen the overall long-term impact to individuals.

Suggested Solutions

Suggested Solutions

How to Get Rid of Acne



Angioma strawberry
Immature strawberry hemangioma is in the form of a protrusion shaped strawberry. Very common in infants, it disappears spontaneously to 18 months of the child.
Angioma plane
The mature angioma or angioma plan designates the classic wine stain. It extends with time, turn a darker color and is covered with raised nodules. This hemangioma treated by vascular laser.
The stellar angioma spider angioma is in the form of small red spots asteroid. It appears mainly on the face and extremities. It is favored by pregnancy. This hemangioma treated by laser.

Proposed Solutions

V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Read more >>> 


Treatment of warts

The wart is a small but unsightly skin tumors that can develop on the face, hands, fingers, genitals or underfoot. Caused by a virus, it is highly contagious.



Hyperhidrosis refers to the excessive activation of the sweat glands by heat, excitement, etc.

Hyperhidrosis usually starts at puberty and regresses after 40 years. It is most often limited to certain parts of the body like the armpits, palms, feet and face.

Suggested solutions

Skin Examination

The balance sheet analysis face the signs of aging of the skin

A thorough skin surface and depth provides an overall picture of the health and appearance of skin. It can reveal the damage that can not be detected with a simple visual examination.

  • The signs of facial skin aging
  • The record face
  • Tests carried out
  • Measure wrinkles:
  • Analysis spots
  • Analyzes red spots
  • Analyzes UV damage Read more >>>

Make an appointment with a dermatologist

Make an appointment with a dermatologist +336 098 089 55




Spider veins are dilated skin forming under the skin of red or blue networks and located on the inside of the knees, thighs or ankles.
Spider veins are favored by pregnancy, hormonal status, overweight and certain working conditions.

Proposed Solutions

ND Yag -multifunctional laser having a wide range of indications. It is used for the processing of incoming capillaries, for smoothing wrinkles, tattoo removal and hair removal is very dark and black skin. Read more
Лазер V Beam: вы страдаете от розацеа, у вас ангиомы или эритроз – попробуйте лазер V-Beam, он избавит вас от комплексов и сделает вашу кожу гладкой и шелковистой. Читать далее


The erythrosis is manifested by redness associated with emotions appearing in spurts in the face.

The red appearance of the skin due to poor circulation of blood between the skin and inside the body, causing a dilation of blood vessels can become permanent.

Dark circles under eyes


The bruises under his eyes are not painted, they give the face a tired, haggard look.

Why there are dark circles under the eyes and failures? There can be several.
The skin under the eyes is very thin and easily vulnerable.

  • Violations of blood circulation and lymph circulation contribute to the appearance of bruises under his eyes
  • In the process of natural aging of soft tissues of the face are lowered and the dips are formed under the eyes.


Variety of dark circles under the eyes:

Violet circles

Purple shadows under the eyes are associated with impaired blood circulation and appear mainly as a result of fatigue. The eyes are surrounded by a more or less noticeable dark circles purple hue.

Dark Shadows
Dark circles under the eyes yellow-brown shades are formed as a result of excess melanin. On the contour of the eye color is dark, turning into lighter shades of yellow or brown. Bruises under the eyes of this kind are usually hereditary, fairly common among the representatives of the eastern nationalities with dark skin.

Dips under the eyes.

Failures occur under the eyes due to the depletion of subcutaneous fat and its lowering and located on the edge of the orbit of the eye under the lower eyelid. They sometimes continue on to the cheeks, they were then called tear trough . The presence of failures does not exclude the presence of bags under the eyes

Proposed Solutions



Xanthelasma (or xanthelasma palpebrarum) is a sharply demarcated yellowish deposit of fat underneath the skin, usually on or around the eyelids. While they are neither harmful nor painful, these minor growths may be disfiguring and can be removed. They are common in people of Asian origin and those from the Mediterranean region.

Because of the hereditary component, they may or may not indicate high blood levels of cholesterol. Where there is no family history of xanthelasmata, they usually indicate high cholesterol and may correlate with a risk of atheromatous disease.

A xanthelasma may instead be referred to as a xanthoma when becoming larger and nodular, assuming tumorous proportions. Still, xanthelasma is often classified simply as a subtype of xanthoma

Suggested solutions

The CO2 laser is a laser whose gaseous medium consists of a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium. The CO2 laser can be used like a scalpel, in abrasive or heat mode, according to the indications to be treated.

The ultra-pulsed CO2 laser combines both high power and an extremely short pulse duration to carry out precise ablations without damaging the skin.

It restores the skin’s texture and tone, getting rid of all the imperfections deeply Read more >>>

Couperose (Rosacea)


Rosacea is a permanent dilation of small superficial veins on the face.
Rosacea gives a set of red lacing on the chin, the nose, forehead and cheeks. People with skin and light eyes are predisposed to the appearance of rosacea.

Proposed Solutions

Check-up of your skin for a detailed analysis of skin aging. Diagnosis from the skin surface layers to the deepest allows to make the overall “picture” of your skin, to assess the degree of health and identify problems that can not be seen with the naked eye. Read more
V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Читать далее

Dark spots


Brown spots appear mainly in the case of prolonged sun exposure. But there may be other reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal disorders.

Read more about the anti- pigment methods>>>

Types of pigmentation

Senile age spots or senile lentigines: Brown spots appear mainly as a result of prolonged sun exposure. But there may be other reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal disorders.

Mask of pregnancy (melasma, chloasma): hyperpigmentation on the forehead, cheeks and sometimes on the abdomen or around the nipple. Often it occurs in the variability or in women taking birth control pills.

The spots “coffee with milk”: flat hyperpigmentation from beige to brown shades, roughly oval in shape, of different sizes, which is found in all parts of the body, in children and adults.

Proposed Solutions

It’s helpful to make a personalized diagnosis of the skin for a detailed analysis of the problems of aging skin and spots. Diagnosis of the skin from superficial layers to the deeper layers allows you to make a General “portrait” of your skin and assess its health and identify problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Specialists distinguish the following groups of methods for getting rid of pigmentation:

  • cosmetic products for use at home or in a beauty salon (creams, lotions, scrubs, light peels, etc.)
  • Medical peelings of different intensity, the procedure is performed only by a dermatologist.
  • Hardware methods for reducing age spots, lasers, phototherapy, and other

Read more about each of the methods>>>

Stretch marks


Stretch marks are skin streaks appearing after a distension of the skin.

Stretch marks are accompanied by a significant loss of skin elasticity. Initially, stretch marks are slightly raised and red and then take a whitish appearance. Those most exposed to stretch marks are those whose skin is low in collagen.

Proposed Solutions

Rejulight – LED laser is the latest generation of . This device uses a monochrome light emission produced by the LED (Light Emitting Diode) to stimulate cellular activity. The skin naturally regenerated. Rejulight – LED laser is used to remove small defects and improving the quality of the skin as well as scalp. Read more

Venus Viva – an innovative solution for facial rejuvenation . Venus Viva – a device for facial rejuvenation, uses the principle of fractional thermolysis using different radio frequency waves. The device uses patented technology to the skin. Read more
V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Читать далее

Enlarged pores

Enlarged pores

Why pores enlarge, and how to deal with it?

Secretion of the sebaceous glands is almost completely dependent on hormones. In normal operation of the endocrine glands, skin fat in the right amount freely enters through the pores on the surface of the skin. Fat performs a protective function, protecting the skin from dehydration and from the aggressive effects of the external environment.

If there are problems in the endocrine system, the functioning of the sebaceous glands is disrupted, and they produce too much fat. Surplus is mixed with dead skin cells, “clogs” the pores and prevents the secreted skin fat from freely pouring onto the surface of the skin. As a result, the pores increase, acne appears.

  • If you have an acne and pores are dilated, then you should first turn to the endocrinologist. Correct correction of the disturbed hormonal imbalance should significantly improve the condition of your skin.
  • Do not neglect daily skin care, oily skin with dilated pores in need of special care. It is necessary scrupulously to consistently exclude all creams, masks, scrubs, etc., which you do not fit, and leave only those that improve the skin condition. Do not overdry the skin! Use exfoliating agents, creams with retinol, tonics and masks, especially clay.
  • In order for the skin to be beautiful, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, eliminating forever from the diet, too fat, spicy, sweet, smoked food. Eat more raw vegetables and fruits.
  • And, finally, aesthetic medicine has an impressive arsenal of medical cosmetic procedures for narrowing extended pores and fighting acne.

Medical techniques

A list of medical procedures for narrowing pores and fighting acne is given below. Do not forget to bookmark this page, because the list of procedures is constantly changing and replenished with the appearance of new chemical formulas, new devices, new methods.

Proposed methods for combating enlarged pores and acne >>>


Tattoo Removal


The possibility of tattoo removal vary depending on the tattoo colour and used pigments.

Tattoo is a drawing embossed under the skin with indelible ink.

Under the skin type colouring matter (pigment). After wound healing, the resulting tattoo, pigment emerges through the skin. Ink entered with a needle between the dermis and the epidermis. The depth of the tattoo varies depending on the type of skin and body parts (from 1 to 4 mm).

By far the most effective and painless method of tattoo removal is a laser. Lasers for tattoo removal are manufactured by different companies and are different from each other, but the basic principles remain: either the laser burns the tattoo with the top layer of the epidermis or the principle of selective photo activation.

Methods of tattoo removal

On such barbaric methods as a mechanical polishing cutter, burning laser and plasma coagulators, excision – we will not speak.

Sometimes for getting rid of used tattoo camo, when the tattoo is not removed, but in its place is put a different, the most similar in colour to skin colour, typically used for small tattoos, but often the result is far from perfect and the surface of the skin looks unnatural.

Cryosurgery is produced by deep freezing with liquid nitrogen the area of tattoo that you need to withdraw, and then remove the top layer of the epidermis. The method is painful, requires permanent local anaesthesia, it is sometimes possible to avoid almost any scars in place of natural tattoos.

If you want to have smooth skin without any traces of remote tattoos, the best method remains – your brain: think 10 times before you apply the tattoo, this whim may hurt your career or personal life.

Lasers for tattoo removal >>>

Moisturizers for dry skin

Сoming soon

Aging and sagging skin


The years do not pass without a trace of any facial or body. Oval face sag, there are “flews” stretched skin on the neck and chin. Women of mature age start to avoid wearing sleeveless dresses, unashamedly ugly dangling skin on the back of hands. Pregnancy sometimes stomach turn even skinny women hanging apron. Inner thighs wrinkled and hangs drapery. Alas, time is relentless. Why the skin loses its elasticity?
Yes, with age our skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby. Updating the cells slows down, weakening fibroblasts (skin cells that produce collagen and elastin). First of all, sag is related to the weakening of the muscle tissue after it is stretched and the skin is formed and the surplus, as a result, sagging and sagging skin.
How can we slow down the aging process or to pick up already sagging skin?

Proposed Solutions


Cellulitis is an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue forming dents. It is often accompanied by pain and circulatory disturbances.

Cellulite is due to several causes that may be associated: heredity, excessive caloric intake, water retention.

Types of cellulite

Types of cellulite

The different types of cellulite

Cellulite occurs at puberty; it is then closed and sensitive skin becoming red and grainy on the thighs and buttocks. Between 25 and 50 years, it becomes soft and flabby, subcutaneous balls appear and are increasing, the skin takes on a more dimpled orange peel said.
cellulite fat
Standing and lying, the skin is smooth. The orange peel appearance occurs when the skin is pinched.
fibrous cellulite
Standing the skin has irregularities (dimpled), coated skin care appear smooth. Palpation is difficult and often painful.
cellulite edematous
Tissue irregularities are found standing and lying. It is characterized by water retention. One feels greasy nodules in deep palpation and after palpation white marks appear in the location of the fingers. Muscle tone is reduced.

Suggested solutions

Suggested solutions

Solutions to eliminate cellulite Lapex: you have tried all the miracle creams for cellulite but in vain.

Discover the Lapex laser! In only a few sessions, this treatment will eliminate your cellulite.

Thermage: Thermage radiofrequency waves CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) heat the deeper layers of the skin to treat mild sagging skin or smooth the appearance of cellulite.

Venus Legacy is the first device to combine the multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields. This unique technology allows to offer non-invasive treatments and without pain in reshaping the face, neck and body.

Velashape: A synergy of infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency treats cellulite (orange peel) and improves skin quality.

Universkin: customized serums that help the skin to rebalance its natural defenses to repair and prevent its dysfunctions.

Cellfina: acts directly on adipose and changes the underlying structure of cellulite.


Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body.


Acne scars 

Simple red acne scars without relief usually disappear within 1 or 2 years. They are due to an influx of blood vessels in the skin during inflammation associated with acne pimple. Wide acne scars and round in relief, with a depression simulating a flat-bottomed crater and small acne scars give the impression that the skin was pricked by a sharp instrument.

Hypertrophic scar

Hypertrophic scar forms because the wound is exposed to foreign particles during the healing phase. It is generally limited to the traumatized area without extending beyond and resolves spontaneously. Hypertrophic scar is characterized by an overproduction of collagen tissue which connects all the fibers of the skin to re-weave the assembly.  The evolution of hypertrophic scars lasts about a year. During the first 20 days, the scar is beautiful, linear, more or less fine. After 2 to 3 months, the scar becomes hard, red, slightly hypertrophic and may itch. Between 6 months and 1 year, is the regression step. Scar tissue forms in right quantity and the wound.

Keloid scar

There keloid scar when the scar remains after 18 months. Keloid scar generally tends to extend to surrounding healthy tissue. Keloids primarily affect young people, people of dark skin and body parts such as the sternum area, shoulders, earlobes and the lower part of the face.  To treat a keloid scar, one first destroys the blood vessels to prevent vascularization of the protuberance that develops at the site of the scar. Then, once that the blood can no longer is flattened to reduce scar and the skin is regenerated. Keloid scar gives way to a soft scar, white, insensitive, linear, stable and definitive.

Proposed Solutions

CO² laser for laser skin resurfacing stimulates the formation of collagen. Time has not spared your skin, there were some scars, blemishes, wrinkles … Give your skin a new life with CO² laser Read more

laser Fraxel – A revolutionary breakthrough for the rejuvenation of aging and damaged skin Fraxel smoothes the skin, eliminating the small errors (stains, pores, wrinkles …), skin looks clean, fresh and rejuvenated. Unique Dual Restore, used in Fraxel laser acts equally effectively on both the surface and the deep layers of the skin, without anesthesia, with virtually no trace of the procedure. Read more

Peel for renewal and rejuvenation of the skin and get rid of small defects. Peel used to happen naturally updating the epidermis and dermis as a result of certain chemical on the skin. The depth of peeling depends on the extent of the problem to be treated. Read more

Quadralase – laser for smoothing the surface of the skin. You want to have a “new” skin without blemishes and scars? Try Quadralase laser, and you’ll be amazed at the result. Read more
Rejulight – LED laser is the latest generation of . This device uses a monochrome light emission produced by the LED (Light Emitting Diode) to stimulate cellular activity. The skin naturally regenerated. Rejulight – LED laser is used to remove small defects and improving the quality of the skin as well as scalp. Read more



The erythrose is manifested by redness associated with emotions appearing in spurts in the face. 
The red appearance of the skin due to poor circulation of blood between the skin and inside the body, causing a dilation of blood vessels can become permanent.

Proposed Solutions

CODAGE Paris – a unique solution for every skin type . This is a modern cosmetics brand that develops products, “smart” nourish the skin. Read more
V Beam Laser: You suffer from rosacea, of angioma of érythose, try the V-Beam laser, it will get rid of all your complex and offer you a clear and luminous skin. Читать далее

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