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These articles are automatically translated from Russian by Google or Microsoft software. They may contain errors of vocabulary, syntax or grammar. The administrator of the site will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, errors, and any damage resulting from incorrect translation of the content. If in doubt check the Russian release of the article.

Dark circles under eyes


The bruises under his eyes are not painted, they give the face a tired, haggard look.

Why there are dark circles under the eyes and failures? There can be several.
The skin under the eyes is very thin and easily vulnerable.

  • Violations of blood circulation and lymph circulation contribute to the appearance of bruises under his eyes
  • In the process of natural aging of soft tissues of the face are lowered and the dips are formed under the eyes.


Variety of dark circles under the eyes:

Violet circles

Purple shadows under the eyes are associated with impaired blood circulation and appear mainly as a result of fatigue. The eyes are surrounded by a more or less noticeable dark circles purple hue.

Dark Shadows
Dark circles under the eyes yellow-brown shades are formed as a result of excess melanin. On the contour of the eye color is dark, turning into lighter shades of yellow or brown. Bruises under the eyes of this kind are usually hereditary, fairly common among the representatives of the eastern nationalities with dark skin.

Dips under the eyes.

Failures occur under the eyes due to the depletion of subcutaneous fat and its lowering and located on the edge of the orbit of the eye under the lower eyelid. They sometimes continue on to the cheeks, they were then called tear trough . The presence of failures does not exclude the presence of bags under the eyes

Proposed Solutions

Face is getting old


Age-related changes are also deep facial structures: bone-muscle-fat.
Signs of aging become more apparent because of the thinning of the muscle and fat layers. The skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. In the hands, the face appear dips disappear inherent youthful elastic roundness of the cheeks, cheekbones, chin: facial features sharpened. Adipose tissue under gravity move downward person weighing it. Oval face shapes lose clarity.

Proposed Solutions

Excess skin


How to get rid of excess skin, for example after massive weight loss?
With age, the skin ages and loses elasticity and sags, especially noticeable and aesthetically unappealing on the hands on the hips, stomach…
What are the methods of firming and tightening sagging skin on the body?

At a relatively young age, the skin can completely or partially shrink. At a more mature age, and if you have a lot of “extra skin”, only a surgical operation for its excision can help you: the lifting of the thighs, arms, tummy tuck, face-lift, blepharoplasty…

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Bags under your eyes


Bags under the eyes are the accumulation of fat and water, which are formed under the lower eyelids.
Often there is a family history, when there are bags under the eyes of a young man.
Bags under the eyes may occur due to aging, stress, fatigue from too fatty foods, tobacco or alcohol.

Proposed Solutions

Blepharoplasty – gives rejuvenating effect.

Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery is a very good anti-aging face. Correction of the upper eyelids eliminates the unpleasant problems such as the St. Bernard look tired, puffy and puffy eyelids. Read more

Facial wrinkles


Wrinkles – visible folds of skin resulting from excessive activity of facial muscles, loss of skin elasticity, firmness and other reasons.
The elasticity of the skin in the dermis contained attach the collagen fibers and elasticity – located between hyaluronic acid molecules. Wrinkles are caused by skin aging and due to weakening of elastic fibers. Wrinkles formed in the direction of the fibers and the the skin in the natural folds of the skin.

How to remove the wrinkles?

Types of wrikles

Repeated contraction of a certain group of muscles cause the skin to move, stretch, shrink and shrink, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Factors contributing to the early formation of wrinkles as smoking and the abuse of sun tan.
The methods of aesthetic medicine act on all types of wrinkles:

  • wrinkles on the forehead
  • wrinkles on the bridge of the nose
  • морщинки в уголках глаз (гусиные лапки)
  • wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • wrinkles on the cheeks
  • peribucal wrinkles (wrinkles on the upper lip, “the folds of bitterness” – drooping corners of the mouth)

How to remove the wrinkles

To smooth out fine wrinkles, reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, there are many methods. From homemade masks and care in the beauty salon to face lift surgery, including cosmetic medical procedures, such as injection, threads, different lasers and devices, and so on.
List of cosmetic methods used to remove the facial wrinkles you will find on this page.

Overhanging and Sagging Eyelids


When the skin of the upper eyelids stretched its excess forms folds, overhanging upper eyelids. Why is this happening? From lack of muscle function, lifting the upper eyelid.

Proposed Solutions

Blepharoplasty – gives rejuvenating effect. Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery is a very good anti-aging face. Correction of the upper eyelids eliminates the unpleasant problems such as the St. Bernard look tired, puffy and puffy eyelids. Read more

Plexr is an alternative to blepharoplasty for people who do not wish to resort to surgery. Plexr in Paris at Cosmetic Clinic Champs Elysees. Read more >>>

Thermage – non-invasive method of smoothing the skinMethod of exposure to radiofrequency skin: Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) heats the deep layers of the skin and improves the aspect of the skin begins to fade. Thermage strengthens tired skin, reduces started sagging and slightly smoothes the skin, reducing the effect of “orange peel”. Read more

Dark spots


Brown spots appear mainly in the case of prolonged sun exposure. But there may be other reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal disorders.

Read more about the anti- pigment methods>>>

Types of pigmentation

Senile age spots or senile lentigines: Brown spots appear mainly as a result of prolonged sun exposure. But there may be other reasons, such as pregnancy or hormonal disorders.

Mask of pregnancy (melasma, chloasma): hyperpigmentation on the forehead, cheeks and sometimes on the abdomen or around the nipple. Often it occurs in the variability or in women taking birth control pills.

The spots “coffee with milk”: flat hyperpigmentation from beige to brown shades, roughly oval in shape, of different sizes, which is found in all parts of the body, in children and adults.

Proposed Solutions

It’s helpful to make a personalized diagnosis of the skin for a detailed analysis of the problems of aging skin and spots. Diagnosis of the skin from superficial layers to the deeper layers allows you to make a General “portrait” of your skin and assess its health and identify problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Specialists distinguish the following groups of methods for getting rid of pigmentation:

  • cosmetic products for use at home or in a beauty salon (creams, lotions, scrubs, light peels, etc.)
  • Medical peelings of different intensity, the procedure is performed only by a dermatologist.
  • Hardware methods for reducing age spots, lasers, phototherapy, and other

Read more about each of the methods>>>

Neck wrinkles



The skin on the neck often gives out before the whole age. Why? Because in this region is almost no fat, the skin is thin, low in sebaceous glands and therefore more dehydrated. The blood circulates more slowly, the skin worse provided with food, quickly grow old.

  • In contrast to the horizontal wrinkles, the so-called “ring of Venus”, which occur even in young, with age appear on the neck “bands” or in common – “turkey neck”, especially in very thin people. Subcutaneous neck muscle – platysma with age loses elasticity, the edge of the muscle in the midline gradually diverge and neck longitudinal strands are formed ( “turkey neck”), also increases the neck-chin angle when it becomes greater than 120 degrees, it already looks unsightly. Bifurcated edge of the neck muscles are particularly well seen in lean people with a voltage of the neck muscles and a moderate turn of the head.
  • With age, especially if you have large variations in weight, in the presence of hereditary factors, and even when poor posture becomes noticeable sagging skin under the chin and on the neck. This double chin may be hanging in flabby folds, or to be filled with grease. In this case, only a surgery can helps: cervicoplasty, neck and face lift,  elimination of excess skin and fat on the neck and chin, greatly improves the appearance.

How to rejuvenate the neck? About surgical, non-surgical and medical devices read on the page: “What to do with a sagging neck?”

Proposed Solutions

Botox injections, cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, elimination of excess skin and fat on the neck and chin, Fraxel, Thermage, ultrasound, and other methods: how to make the right choice, considering medical indications and contraindications? About the methods of neck rejuvenation, see “What to do with a sagging neck?”


Aging and sagging skin


The years do not pass without a trace of any facial or body. Oval face sag, there are “flews” stretched skin on the neck and chin. Women of mature age start to avoid wearing sleeveless dresses, unashamedly ugly dangling skin on the back of hands. Pregnancy sometimes stomach turn even skinny women hanging apron. Inner thighs wrinkled and hangs drapery. Alas, time is relentless. Why the skin loses its elasticity?
Yes, with age our skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby. Updating the cells slows down, weakening fibroblasts (skin cells that produce collagen and elastin). First of all, sag is related to the weakening of the muscle tissue after it is stretched and the skin is formed and the surplus, as a result, sagging and sagging skin.
How can we slow down the aging process or to pick up already sagging skin?

Proposed Solutions

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