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Using iris for identification and control

Pioneer in the field – Dr. John Daugman of the University of Cambridge, UK.

The picture of the structure of the iris, called Iris-code, each person is unique, like a fingerprint, and is a unique feature of man. Figure iris is formed on the eighth month of fetal development, finally stabilizes around the age of two years and virtually no change during life, except as a result of severe injuries or sudden pathologies.

Daugman developed a mathematical method, an algorithm for transforming this pattern in the numbers system that is made to the database that stores storing Iris-codes of thousands of people: passengers, pilots, airport and other workers. Do not get tired to be surprised with a monstrous machinery of memory and speed. It allows you to do more than 1 million comparisons Iris-code in one second! Image analysis are trying to make a high quality, but not necessarily.

The iris setting is so unique that even the fuzzy picture will yield a reliable result. Daugman algorithm takes into account the possibility of the most incredible mistakes in the preparation of, in particular, the rare cases of coincidence Iris-code people.

Daugman patented his method in the United States in 1993, the method was first used in London’s Heathrow airport in 2001. In 2002, it uses the airport of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Passengers who have to make frequent air travel, could take part in the program and receive your Privium Iris-code, which is included in the database. Participants in the program for an annual subscription fee not have the opportunity to stand in long queues on arrival at Amsterdam airport for immigration checks. Instead, they can automatically get an entry permit in the Netherlands, for which it is sufficient to fix the look right in front of the camera, which is Daugman algorithms calculates Iris-code and registers it in the database.

In 2004 this method used in USA. He then distributed worldwide. All airports in the UAE every passenger data are compared with data on the Internet for each of the more than half a million persons formerly deported from the country, whose Iris-codes have been registered in a central database at the deportation. It should be noted that nowadays Iris-code is usually combined with other methods of recognition of the person, most often, with other biometrics.

Russia has developed recognition system for three-dimensional image of the face. Recognition History on the face geometry has thirty-year history in Russia.

Daugman Iris-code Method continues to improve. Today the hardware camera picture of the iris analyzed not one but both eyes, in fact, the owners of their points can not be removed. The unique pattern of the iris is complemented by voice. It eliminates the possibility of entanglement of people. Although, from a mathematical point of view, it is still present. A comparison irises of all incoming and outgoing airport workers, all incoming and outgoing people in the baggage compartments of the aircraft. It is about three and a half billion comparisons of the day!

An important factor is the presence of “tests on live eyes” to prevent fraud related to the presentation of an artificial eye or images of the registered user’s eyes Most installations of iris recognition technology used in airports for passengers on international flights and can be used instead of the presentation of their passport.

Finally, you can provide a list of all the biometrics for identification: fingerprints, face, iris, hand geometry And: signature and voice.

Rarely used: retina, DNA, shape of the ears, the smell, the reflection from the skin thermogram and gait.


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