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Volunteer doctors of the Red Cross

Volunteer doctors of the Red Cross.

Solfirino – this rural town in Italy is famous for the fact that here in 1859, the combined French troops under the command of Napoleon III defeated Austrian troops. In place of the event is the Swiss businessman, writer and journalist Henri Dunant. Usually Switzerland in wars is not involved, he shocked Dunant cruelty of war: thousands of wounded, without a hint of medical care. At Dunant conceived the idea – to create a hospital on the battlefield, which will assist the wounded by attracting volunteer doctors. Many rich families of Geneva and charities supported the idea of ​​Dunant. First it was created “Committee of Five”, which includes five powerful families. This committee was soon decided to rename the “International Committee for Relief to the wounded.” In 1863, the International Committee of the wounded convene an international conference, which officially declares the establishment of the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC. The name survived to our time.

In 1864, the Swiss government invited the governments of other European countries at the diplomatic conference. At this conference the first Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the wounded and sick of the belligerent armies on the battlefield was approved, it was signed by representatives of 12 countries. These countries ensured a neutral attitude and care during an armed conflict, the wounded soldiers, medical personnel and humanitarian agencies. It is understood that since the first Geneva Convention was repeatedly reviewed and refined, but the situation has not changed.

In 1901, Henry Dunant together pacifist Frederic Passy were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the First World War. In 1917 – the new Nobel Prize, this time to the organization as a whole. Doubly honorary award, considering that in the period 1914 – 1918 years the Nobel Prize was not awarded at all!

During World War II, the ICRC was unable to achieve agreement with Nazi Germany on the treatment of people in concentration camps, as well as on the issue of the death camps for Jews. The Nazis ignored the requirements of the committee.

Finally, a bit about the Red Cross emblem.

Officially, it is a reflection of a modified Swiss flag, a white cross on it on red background. But this emblem is not to everyone’s taste: some States have persistently demand change. Many curiosities associated with the use of the Red Cross emblem in the former USSR. Even high-ranking officials poorly guided in matters of copyright, a red cross, and came to mean anything that relates to medicine, up to the Cross ambulances. Europe, it seemed malicious action.

In June 2006 the XXIX International Conference of the Red Cross and Crescent. The participants also agreed on a third, neutral emblem of the Movement – the red crystal. Acceptance of the National Society of the Red Shield of David was postponed for nearly 60 years due to a dispute over symbols organization because the Jews refused to recognize and the Christian cross and the Muslim crescent. According to the declaration adopted at the conference in Israel as an emblem of the red crystal will be used – red square on a white background. At the same time it was decided that the Israeli organization “Red Shield of David” or “MDA” (MDA) – can continue to use the territory of Israel, its former symbol (a red six-pointed star – “Shield of David”, surrounded by a red diamond). International law prohibits the use of the emblem by other organizations or individuals.

You can not use this logo to pharmacies, clinics, private practitioners. You can not use this logo on vehicles carrying patients. You can not use this symbol on bandages, medicines, mustard plasters, business cards, health care workers. Back in the seventies of the last century the red cross has disappeared from ambulances law-abiding France. And even earlier, in the United States, the cross disappeared Orange (too similar to red) emergency aid in response to the Red Cross appeal. He was replaced by a blue star with six branches.

Already in the XXI century hit video game developers Prison Architect: they inadvertently put the Red Cross and ambulances to other attributes of the game. Logo games had to be replaced from red to green.

No one should forget that the whole “logo” of our amazing XXI century – is highly competitive and defend their rights.

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