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Biographies not boring to read: Sergey Brin

The information for the curious: the biography not boring to read.

Sergey Brin.

One of the founders of the giant Google content campaigns, the businessman, who Forbes magazine, in 2016 occupied the 13th place in the ranking of the richest people in the world. Born in 1973 in Moscow, in a family of mathematicians. The family emigrated to the US when he was 5 years old, with the help of a charitable organization HIAS (to Brin has donated $ 1 million, and now his mother Eugenia worked as director).

The boy grew up, he entered the University of Maryland and became a specialist in mathematics and computing systems. He continued his studies at Stanford University in California, and met with a graduate student Larry Page. Together, they have proposed a completely new principle of information retrieval in the global information network. Its principle Brin and Page put into practice in the form of large-scale business. We all use “Google” the company’s services, which now employs some 55 000 employees. Curiously, the corporate culture Google – no dress code, free food, pets at work, pilates – a very powerful corporation in the shower is a startup 🙂

In 2007, Brin married an americain Anne Wojcicki. Ann graduated from high school in Palo Alto (this city is considered the capital of Silicon Valley). Then he graduated from Yale University in the direction of “biology”.

Her sister Susan introduced Sergey Brin to Anne Wojcicki. Susan rented garage to Brin and Page, where they founded their company Google. Now Susan – the age-Google employee, she has served as the head of YouTube.

Google will manage to stay on top, thanks to the creativity and innovative approaches. Sergey Brin is original in everything: his marriage to Anne Wojcicki held in the Bahamas, the bride wore a white leotard, and her fiance – black, together they sailed to a sandbank to give the oath of allegiance, being surrounded by the ocean. Wojcicki – powerful woman with huge ambition, she created a company 23andMe. The company develops tests to determine the personal human genetic code. The company’s mission is to give people as much information about his health and heredity. At some point, the Office for sanitary inspection by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States (FDA) has counted the company’s activities contrary to law, but the company has received a multi-million dollar support from various individuals and large firms, and was saved from collapse. Today the biotech company 23andMe thriving, tests spread throughout the world, particularly in Moscow and London. The company’s value today exceeds one billion dollars.

Despite the wealth Wojcicki, unlike the other wives of rich men, he did not seek to collect paintings or decorations and was against the purchase of yachts and aircraft. Given that Google’s top executives felt like the richest people in the world. Schmidt has been a leader and incited their colleagues to unimaginable luxury – they were buying homes, yachts and planes. Brin, Page and Schmidt bought several aircraft, including Boeing 767 and 757. Some of their friends say that they practically own the airline. Brin also bought a house in one of the most affluent areas of Manhattan – West Village Marriage Brin and Anne lasted 8 years.

Sergey Brin with new girlfriend and Anne Wojcicki

Despite the fact that he and his wife had a lot of common interests, the two children and the couple looked just perfect, Sergey Brin started dating 26-year-old employee of Google Amanda Rosenberg (beautiful Englishwoman with Chinese and Jewish origins, a great sense of humor and boundless career ambitions ), which, in turn, Sergei threw for her boyfriend. In 2015 Brin divorcing Anne Wojcicki. As a result, divorce Brin lost half of his fortune to $ 30 billion, but kept the love of genetics, in particular, he is interested in the genes responsible for aging.

He also believes that defective genes responsible for predisposition to certain diseases, to fix no more difficult than to correct an error in the computer code, Brin has a predisposition to Parkinson’s disease. Although Parkinson has long been considered a disease is not inherited, some researchers have begun to believe that people with a particular gene mutation (very prevalent among Ashkenazi Jews) have 30-70% chances of getting Parkinson’s. When Wojcicki checked Brin, she understood he has such a mutation. In addition, the great-aunt Brin suffered from Parkinson’s disease, and his mother put the same diagnosis in 1999.

Brin is still full of ideas, thinking about new projects, such as spreading Internet balloons and cheap sources of energy. He leads a very healthy lifestyle, hoping to postpone a genetic disease, should Paleolithic diet, a diet based on the alleged primitive people.

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