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About famous surgeons of the past: Sklifosovsky

We are in Moscow. On one of the many buildings we see a sign: “Research Institute of Emergency Care named after NV Sklifosovsky.” What do we know about this “old colleagues” present a plastic surgeon?

Sklifosovsky, Nikolai was born in 1836. After graduating from the Medical Faculty of the Moscow University, he worked for 10 years as an intern in a hospital in Odessa. He was sent on a business trip to Europe. For 2 years he studied medicine in England, France and Germany. Meets with antiseptic and general anesthesia. NI Pirogov, E. Bergman, K. Reyer antiseptics were pioneers in Russia, but they failed at the time to make the antiseptic property of all domestic medicine. As in many other European countries, in Russia, the introduction of antiseptics also met strong resistance. Only the N. V. Sklifosovsky, thanks to his authority, failed to break the resistance, first in Moscow and then in the whole of Russia.
It was in those years, the Sklifosovsky formed “personalny” principle approach to surgery: cut only what you see and know well. Sklifosovsky as troop physician participated in four wars, including Russian and Turkish. Through his hands passed tens of thousands wounded. He introduced compulsory disinfection operating table and tools. I came up with a special device to connect fractured bone.
Sklifosovsky is rightly considered the founder of modern military surgery. It is surprising that some of his surgical techniques were used even during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945!
In 1860 Sklifosovsky became head of the surgical clinic of Moscow University. In this position, he worked for 14 years. Never afraid to make the most complex operations: the operation of goiter, gastric resection, hernia surgery of the bladder, etc., etc…..
Sklifosovsky considered the founder of abdominal surgery in Russia. Interestingly, for the first time introduced the Sklifosovsky hospital medical history. Oaks planted father Sklifosovsky and other employees of the town hall in the year of birth of the future of the world famous doctor Sklifosovsky at a stream near the old hospital Dubossary, still exist.
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